Thinking about upgrading to Gutsy Gibbon? Read my experiences first.

Simplistic installation method:
sudo sed -e ‘s/\sfeisty/ gutsy/g’ -i /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Only 3 commands. Not shabby. Those few commands completely upgraded the system.

Downloaded 670MB of packages (425 after installed?) to upgrade from Fiesty Fawn.

Not many errors yet, but we’ll see after rebooting. Just in case I’ve got a burned copy of ArchLinux.

Done with the reboot. Looks clean! Same issue as before with requiring me to authorize the usage of nVidia binary drivers.

Oops!   Ubuntu failed horribly upon reboot to utilize the nVidia driver.  Tried to browse the Ubuntu forums via Lynx (terrible experience by itself!) to find a fix.  Found a couple but nothing worked.  Gave up on Gutsy for now.

Arch Linux here I come!

  • groggyboy

    are you aware that Gutsy is still only an alpha product? Bugs are the norm right now, not the exception.

  • doolittle

    Since “vi” works great without a gui, I would have edited /etc/X11/xorg.conf and edited the line

    Driver “nvidia”


    Driver “nv”

    then you use the crappy-performing xorg built-in driver.

    works with all linux not just ubuntu :)

  • Wayne

    Ahh! Well I tried changing it to svga but no luck.

  • Jared

    Surprisingly, alpha software sometimes has bugs!

  • Mike W.

    Gutsy is out of Alpha and officially released now, but there are still some major issues unfortunately. I have been using Ubuntu for about 2 years now, and each upgrade brings new challenges. The latest is a problem with cdrecord. Apparently, there is some problem with the fork used in the gutsy version for cdrecord, or some supporting software. So, now one cannot burn cd’s at all (at least I cannot, and many others have had the same problem). I am not tech savvy enough to know how to solve the problem, or even why it happened. But, I am savvy enough to know that users will bail if major issues like this happen at upgrade time and they are not resolved very quickly. I upgraded the first day Gutsy came out in official release, and still no fix.

  • Jon Herr

    I’m a gutsy fan… have eagerly updated to whatever the latest release was ever since Dapper.

    Dapper, Feisty, Gutsy… all good for me.

    For What It Is Worth:
    I run Ubuntu Gutsy on 7 machines
    * main home machine (multiboot windows xp, windows vista, ubuntu-gutsy)
    * laptop (multiboot windows media center, ubuntu-gutsy)
    * work machine (multiboot windows 2k, ubuntu-gutsy)
    * home file server (gutsy – amd 64, raid 1)
    * my car (amd geode mobile, plays music and movies)
    * my mom’s pc – yes, my mom runs linux (ubuntu – gutsy)
    * my living room media pc – ubuntu-gutsy

    What I like about gutsy?
    * Wireless works out of the box – WPA encryption – on my laptop and one of the mobile machines. Works in car using ndiswrapper
    * Nvidia proprietary drivers work out of the box
    * Security, easy of use, rivaling even windows for installable applications
    * CD / DVD burning etc.. using K3b
    * Virtual machines using VMWare Player and Virtual Box
    * I am not a kubuntu fan so much though, many things that easily work in ubuntu are broken in kubuntu – requiring more manual configuration. If kubuntu has given you trouble – try ubuntu.
    * I spend most of my time in Ubuntu now, not windows. Windows XP is my ‘main’ OS where I check and keep my POP email… but that might change soon – ubuntu is just too good – if that is possible!

    : )

  • Shane

    Wayne, have you tried openSUSE 10.3? Give it a shot.

  • Mike. W.

    Jon – thanks so much for the tip on using Kb3. I just burned my first CD since upgrading to Gutsy! Not sure why the other ones don’t work, but KB3 should be fine.

  • Wayne

    Shane: Yeah, I have. I’m trying to stay away from Novell and crew. :)