Ubuntu Forums Firefox Plugin – Finding Answers To Stupid Questions Was Never So Easy

Attention Humor Disabled Digg Visitors, the tagline of this article is actually a joke!  HDDV is a serious disease which effects approximately 23 million Digg front page visitors per month.

I remembered awhile back that I had installed a plugin for the Steam forums that gave me a little menu item up at the top inbetween Tools and Help in Firefox that allowed easy navigation of the Steam forums. I thought about it for a bit and thought,

“Hey! Why not make one of those for the Ubuntu forums?”

Well thankfully someone else already has. I present to you, the Ubuntu Forums Menu for Firefox.  If you don’t have Firefox already, click the button below and install it today!

Install and then goto the Addons settings in Firefox. Click Preferences:
screenshot-add-ons.pngCheck the appropriate boxes:
screenshot-ubuntu-forums-menu-settings.pngMenu at the top:
ubuntu_forums.pngRight Click Context Menu:
ubuntu_forums_context1.pngThis is an “insanely great” plugin. Kudos to Adam Smith.

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  • ….. begs Canonical to include it with Gutsy and/or Hardy. This is a an awesome extension 😀

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  • madad

    And getting where you need to be to ask those stupid question was never so easy either:)

  • joe

    I am not really sure for what I would need that plugin. You ‘ll get all those links at the Ubuntu forum.

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  • Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  • RE: madad,

    Agreed, but word of mouth and mass demand is enough to make them recognise it.

  • David

    At last a Direct Link to ‘Absolute Beginner Talk’ !!
    Finally – sylibals, letters, words – close to me the “sometimes in a conversation I can be mistaking actually knowing what I’m talking about!!!”

    Oh how the pride of the Windows power users suffers in the new learning curve! Soon I will be there again in ubuntu!

  • What happened to good old NNTP?

    Dear me, people replace NNTP with freaky web forums and then write plugins to standardize them.

    [shakes head sadly]

  • madad

    @Steve pearce

    lol….what i meant was it`s been quite handy having the FF UF menu this last year or so.I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across it soon after discovering Ubuntu.

    I only use a few FF plugins but thats certainly always one of them.

  • Yeah thanks guys, I really love this add on for Firefox… it’s really what makes Firefox a cut above the other browsers out there.

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  • Shaq

    Use opera myself, and by setting up a custom search, I’m able to just type ‘uf my search string’ into the address bar and it will search ubuntuforums.org for ‘my search string’…

    Opera Rocks!

  • schemingturkey

    hey everyone,

    i just joined and wanted to say hi. :)

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  • hollywoodheidi

    Hi! I just found this forum and it looks really cool.

    Now, I gotta run off and read some posts. :)

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  • David K

    Can anyone help an Ubuntu virgin pls?
    I want to wipe my crappy XP Home OS from a 5yo PC and install Ubuntu and Firefox (I have an ASUS that runs Linux and love it).
    Will my network still work:
    BT Home Hub 2.0;
    Netgear – RangeMax Wireless-N usb 2.0 Adaptor. WN111.
    The ASUS talks happliy to the BT Hub.

  • David K

    Whoops – I’m in the UK… does that make a diff?

  • james lamm

    I have a question and a pariial
    answer, (but loooking for a
    better answer). When I
    go to sites like cnnsi.
    Sometimes javascript menus
    are supposed to overlay a
    flash movie but in firefox
    using linux the menu goes beneath.
    This seems to be a bug in adobe
    flash for linux which has existed
    for years and they refuse to
    fix. Also, firefox people seem
    uninterested in a workaround
    for the linux version (as far as
    I can see). I finally found
    a swfdec flash plugin made by
    some other people (listed under
    ubuntu 9.04 options for flash
    plugin and this plugin doesn’t
    seem to work very well but it does
    have the redeeming feature that
    it doesent start the flash movie
    till you click on an arrow. Since
    I don’t click on it, it doesn’t
    play and I can see the javascript
    menus just fine. If I do want
    to see movie I can click on the
    arrow or I can easily switch
    back to the adobe flash plugin
    under tools/manage content
    plugins in firefox. That’s
    the best I can do. Anybody
    know a better solution.

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