Digg “Linux Nation” for Thursday September 20th 2007

I’ll be posting a new “Linux Nation” every Thursday starting today. Why Thursday? Why not. It’s a not so busy day for me, and I started it last week on Thursday, so I’ll keep doing what works.

  1. SUPERGUIDE: How to replace Windows completely with Linux
    ‘Number 1 With A Bullet’ is a “superguide” and that’s no kidding. A 10-part series of articles on replacing Windows completely with Linux. Part 1 through 9 is a list of tasks, such as installing, email and device connectivity, and part 10 is the conclusion. Go ahead, skip straight to the conclusion (like I did), but please read the rest of the articles.
  2. Funny (but real) linux commands and results
    Oh my… funny errors from Linux commands. I’m pretty sure this is really old, since many of the commands do not work in the BASH shell, but now it’s making the rounds again, making people laugh out loud about something like this one:
    % “How would you rate Quayle’s incompetence?
    Unmatched “.
  3. New iPods reengineered to block synching with Linux
    OK – I’m going to go over numbers 3, 4, 7 and 15 at the same time, since they are all related.

    Via BoingBoing, here is the story released on last Friday. “The latest iPods have a cryptographic “checksum” in their song databases that prevents third-party applications from synching with the portable music players. ”

    Well this isn’t really true. As we see in story number 7, it was quickly circumvented, and by Sunday afternoon developers had a fix. For a brand spanking new product that has been in stores for little more than 2 weeks – I think this is great support from the Linux community. It just goes to show how many people enjoy using Apple products as well as Linux.The fact that we had 4 stories make it into the top 15 Linux_Unix category about this iPod Classic issue just illustrates that beautifully.

  4. Apple forces new iPods to use iTunes
    See #3.
  5. Offline GMail client
    Part speculation, part “duh” – this is going to be pretty cool when it works. I’d personally like to carry around my entire GMail archive on a 4GB USB memory stick, ala Portable Firefox.
  6. Linux: May The Source Be With You [PIC]
    Linux geeks are also StarWars fans. They are also Trekkies, noted by this Nokia Linux Phone LCARS interface. Nice picture, Frodosringfinger.
  7. New Ipod Hash Cracked, Linux Supported Once Again
    See #3.
  8. SCO declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy after UNIX patent suits fall flat
    Surprise, surprise. SCO is reorganizing it’s business. It’s sad to see a company with such a long history start down this path, but I wouldn’t count them as being down and out. They can always sell text link ads at the bottom of their 3 letter, PageRank 8 TLD – oh wait, they already are!
  9. PC World refuse to repair hardware fault, AGAIN
    Oh boy – I reported last week that this was taken care of, apparently NOT! This time they video taped the experience of going into the store… hmm where’s the video? I wanna see how bad this really is, or if the guy is simply giving his side of the story.
  10. Awesome idea for the Gimp UI Brainstorm
    Transparent, restyled Gimp UI Redesign. I love it! Here are some others.
  11. Compiz Fusion Web Site Now Up!
    Pretty website. Nice way to show that WordPress can be used as a CMS in a way that was not intended by the original authors.
  12. Open Office 2.3 released today
    We all love OO.org, and new features are great! Here’s the low-down:

    1. New chart wizard, with support for 3D Charts
    2. Revamped Toolbars
    3. Export documents as Wiki pages on OpenOffice 2.3 Writer
    4. Enhanced Autosum on OpenOffice 2.3 Calc
    5. Report Builder on OpenOffice 2.3 Base
  13. Pidgin 2.2.0 out in the wild
    Original Source
    “Someone should probably post it here, even though it’s late. We’re extremely giddy to present 2.2.0, which includes a whole bunch of nifty things from Google Summer of Code students: a certificate manager, MySpaceIM support and many XMPP improvements. We also fixed a bunch of problems with existing protocols and have continued our work toward making the conversation window work better. Enjoy!Thanks very much to our Summer of Code contributors for their efforts!” -Kevin Stange, Pidgin DevGroovy, MySpaceIM support. So I looked up and found that Google’s SummerOfCode provided 8 student developers to write various things for Pidgin. Way cool.
  14. OpenOffice.org 2.3.0 released already
    Dupe of #12.
  15. iPod classic to be supported for Amarok
    See #3.

Alright, so that wraps up this week in Linux Nation, I hope you enjoyed my commentary. Buy me a brewsky if you liked this, if you didn’t like it, buy me a brewsky anyways and comment.