Do You Have A Story To Tell About Linux?

Now is your chance. For the first time ever, fsckin w/ linux is recruiting guest bloggers.

In-depth expertise with Linux is NOT required. In fact, the less you know about Linux, the better! I’m not planning on walking anyone through an installation, but if you think you have the guts to give a try for the first time and write about it, I’ll make sure you have the instructions needed to succeed.

If you’re curious about statistics, I’ll brag a little bit. In little over a month since I started posting articles, my writing has attracted over 1000 unique visitors a day on average, and more than 50,000 page views since inception. Not bad for a first time blogger in their first month.

Interested? You will receive full credit, along with a link back to your website, although I will retain editorial rights.

Write me at: wayne(@) for more details – IF YOU DARE!