Digg “Linux Nation” for Thursday October 4th 2007

It’s that time of week again, every Thursday I write about the most popular stories in the Linux/Unix section on Digg.com.

This is makes one month that I’ve been writing these, if you like “Linux Nation”, please comment. :)

There are (as usual) lots of fantastic stories this week.

1. CNN call him a Linux hero, but local government inspector wants to shut him [down]
James Burgett makes the top story again this week. This time the title isn’t quite so misleading. Story number 11 is also about James. Mr. Burgett, who runs a non-profit and gives away computers which run Linux. He had a routine inspection from the Deptartment of “Way-too-long-a-name” and they wanted to make sure all the computers he had lying around were on the up and up.

2. Do You Use Linux? The RIAA and MPAA Don’t Want You To Use This Program
Number 2 with a bullet, this is a short how-to use a PeerGuardian alternative called MoBlock. It blocks IP address ranges of not only the RIAA, MPAA and their affiliates, but also government agencies like the CIA. MoBlock also cuts off all access to your computer IP addresses that send mostly corrupt data in p2p applications- usually associated with companies like Media Defender.

I’m happy to say that I made the top 15 Linux stories this week. In 6 days I received over 56 thousand visits, and was not only dugg, but also reddit, delicous’d, stumbled over and whatever else.

3. Vixta:The Vista Nemesis!
Vixta is a “vista-like” KDE theme thrown on top of Fedora. I don’t see the need, but to each their own.

4. Microsoft launch anti-linux campaign worthy of a politician
State Government says linux was too big a risk! OH NOES! This guy does a great job of making good points about who exactly “state government” is, as well as telling people to actually CLICK on the ads to make Microsoft pay for their outragous campaign. I think it worked, because I can’t find these ads anywhere now.

5. Ten things Linux distros get right (that Microsoft doesn’t)
“1. A useful terminal emulator. So what if it’s only useful for developers: I’m a developer. I like a terminal with capable cut-and-paste, tabs, and resizing. ” Bravo sir! I hate the terminal emulator in Windows. It’s terrible and near unusable.

6. 5 Reasons your parents should use Linux
The last reason is probably the most important, which is possible because of Dell: “‘You no longer can use the excuse that when you install Linux on your parents computer, it doesn’t work “out of the box’.”

7. Five Common Misconceptions About Linux
Good article, I like the first few about Linux being behind the times. “Windows added a firewall in 2001, over seven years behind Linux’s 1994 addition of ipchains.”

8. Unreal Tournament 3 box includes Linux client
This is just like the last release of UT 2004 which had a Linux client in the box. Thanks CliffyB!

What most people do not realize is the product here actually being sold is the Unreal Engine – not the video game. Adding Linux support is mostly trivial for a OpenGL rendering engine, and adds value to the Unreal platform, much like why iD software supports Linux as well – from a business perspective, they’re just adding features to sell their graphics engine, NOT to support Linux users because they like them.

9. Ubuntu Countdown: Help spread the word about Ubuntu
I like it, but I don’t like the extra text at the bottom. I’ve had a Gutsy Gibbon countdown timer for over a month… not nearly as flashy, but still a gauge for how long it will be. Great minds think alike I guess.

10. Why My Mom Can Use Ubuntu
This story is so good, I think this “mom” does not exist, or she is an robot posing as a human. Either way, fun story.

11. The Digg effect? Government regulators backing off of CNN Linux “hero”.
*sigh* James, James, James, James, James. See story number 1.

12. ShipIt will be distributing copies of Ubuntu 7.10 (free, as always)
Honestly, the title says it all. Nothing more I can add here.

13. Ubuntu/Dell makes the front page of New York Times online
Hi Dell/Ubuntu! The writer doesn’t get everything right, and offers up Automatix as a solution to not being able to play encrypted DVDs. Um… last I checked, you just hit the button that says “Search for codecs” and it worked. Still, headlines in the NYT are good news. Linux is ready to make the jump into the mainstream mindshare.

14. Why Do Companies Choose Proprietary Software Over Open Source?
1. Price
2. Source Code
Not surprising, but there is an interesting survey on that page also – people actually trust telemarketers? Thanks C|Net!

15. How to run WinXP on Linux
VirtualBox video tutorial – we can use more of these video how-to guides.

That’s it this week in Linux/Unix news on Digg.com, see you next week!

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