I Am Ubuntu User #17716

I just recently found The Ubuntu Counter project which has lofty aims of counting Ubuntu users. Fun in theory, but there is no way that every user will ever login to a webpage to register their machine.

A better way would be to integrate it into the Ubuntu Forums – I’m number 396,365 there. :)

Here’s my super sweet button:

The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 17716

There’s also the Linux Counter project, and I just registered there also.

  • http://www.dootzky.com dootzky

    i got there before you first 😉
    # 12734


  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    I’ll be damned. :)

  • http://rustyryan.net RJ Ryan

    I think it’s probably more useful to join the Linux Counter project… or both. I’m against Ubuntu being perceived as something separate from GNU/Linux.


    Ubuntu users are more tangible though, because it’s largely a desktop distribution. It’s not like someone’s going to register all 1000 slackware linux machines in their server farm.

  • http://LinuxBrainDump.org James House

    Another project you may want to check out is Smolt.
    The goal of the project is bigger than figuring out how many Linux users are out there. It’s an attempt to get information on what kind of hardware is being used, so that better support may be made available.
    It’s created and sponsored by Red Hat, but it’s available to all distros.

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  • Jeff

    The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 17862 😀

  • Jeff

    Oh darn, no graphic

    Ah well, Ubuntu user 17862, reporting for duty.

  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    There ya go Jeff, Ubuntu image is now intact. :)