Digg “Linux Nation” for Thursday October 11th 2007

This is the 5th weekly edition of “Linux Nation”, where I comment on the top 15 stories in the Linux/Unix section on Digg.com for the week.

1.  What the hell is Ogg Vorbis, and why should I use it?
Ogg Vorbis, the redheaded step-child of audio codecs… what’s wrong with MP3?  This article will tell you exactly what’s wrong with MP3

2.  XO laptop, now in final testing, is amazing, a total kid magnet!
Close your eyes and imagine just for a second- If you were a child in a poor country and received anything for free, wouldn’t you be excited?

3.  ASUS P5E3 Deluxe motherboard ships with Embedded Linux, Firefox and Skype
This article made me want to actually go and buy this motherboard.  SplashTop is a instant-on, internet enabled desktop that currently includes a browser, as well as Skype.  There’s more to come, and I am really excited with the possibility these have.

4.  Boot Linux 200% faster with an open BIOS
Where can I get a motherboard with an OpenBIOS?  I can’t find anything anywhere commercially available.

5.  Awn 0.2 released, the best dock on linux just got stable [Pics & Vids]
Video says everything I could say, plus more.

6.  How to keep your old PC alive
Repurpose your old PCs with Linux!  Ideas like using an old PC as a Firewall/Proxy, Development Server, Storage Server, Media Center, p2p, web browsing workstation, etc discussed – all are good ideas.

7.  Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon free CD’s: orders are taken NOW
ShipIt strikes again this week, it’s still a popular topic that Ubuntu (through ShipIt) is sending out free CDs of the latest release of Ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon 7.10.

8.  Ubuntu Gutsy Makes Automatix Obsolete
Automatix was a great idea at first – make it easy for people to install things like MP3 and DVD support on Ubuntu and other distributions.  The problem is, now it’s really easy to get these things from Ubuntu Restricted Extras.

9.  Giving Away Ubuntu Costs More Than You Think
I made the top 15 again this week, and surely it was warranted because I spent probably more than 15 HOURS researching this article.  It’s certainly worth reading, a nice ‘didja know’ article.

10.  The Perfect Desktop – OpenSUSE 10.3 (GNOME)
The perfect desktop?  I actually REALLY like the new main menu in OpenSUSE.  I installed Linux Mint (which has a similar interface) last night and was really blown away by how usable this is compared to the default Windows Vista start menu.

11.  The Open-Source iPhone Alternative, OpenMoko for Consumers
I had someone tell me to look at OpenMoko instead of an iPhone.  Well, guess what?


Sorry lostdeadmouse, but I’m going to call you on this one.  This article is totally bunk-ass bullshit.  This phone is at LEAST a year away before it’s an option to the iPhone.  In the meantime, I own an iPhone.

12.  Fluxbox-1.0 released!
Some people really like a lightweight, fast, desktop manager.  Fluxbox is a very usable alternative to Gnome or KDE.

13.  Compiz Fusion nearing stable release; new software; cube plugin rewritten
Ahh, new features of Compiz Fusion.  Who doesn’t like new features and stability?

14.  The best Linux system repair distribution gets better
SystemRescueCD 0.4, I’ve used a rescue CD to fix things up on a busted Linux installation – this LiveCD makes it easy.

15.  Shuttleworth on Ballmer
Ballmer spouts off his sweaty face about Open Source software, and Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu replies.

That’s all this week!  Our sponsors are…. oh wait, we don’t have sponsors.  Shit.