Linux Related Wikipedia Articles That Need Attention

There are currently 200 articles on Wikipedia about Linux that need more information within the page, or they will probably be deleted (eventually).

For example, Ubuntu Studio is one of 34 Linux distributions that are categorized as “stubs”. Why is a distro like Ubuntu Studio is categorized as a stub? It’s simply because we haven’t taken the time to put up a few facts and a short time-line. I’m sure you could catch a developer of such a prominent distro in IRC or in the Ubuntu Forums and not break a sweat helping them out with something that they may not have the time themselves to do.

After looking around a little bit, I created an account on Wikipedia that takes all of 2 minutes. If you use the Ubuntu wiki as a guide, there can be several hundred edits added in very little time using resources such as DistroWatch.

Some people forget that something simple like this can drastically improve the visibility of a distribution – you don’t have to be a coder to contribute to Open Source.

  • David Gerard

    Careful with only adding stuff from inside the project – you need third-party references to demonstrate that anyone outside the project actually cares and has any prospect of ever looking it up.

  • Tuxero

    I think we all must realize that GNU/Linux is based on the community, so we must get involved in supporting our OS of choice.
    Thanks for posting mate!