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    …And installing Gentoo.

  • trg

    Hah! Says a guy who doesn’t even know the difference between a Window Manager and a Desktop Environment [1].

    Maybe you should use Gentoo for a while, so that you would actually know something about Linux and Linux software.

    [1] http://www.fsckin.com/2007/09/29/i-dont-think-were-in-kansas-anymore-how-to-install-kde-4-beta-2-on-ubuntu-gutsy-gibbon-beta-710/

  • http://distrogue.blogspot.com DistRogue

    Forgot something:
    Life is too short for man pages, but occasionally much too short without them.

  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    trg [1]: are you against recycling?

    [1] gentoo fanboy

  • Iván

    Ahh… Wayne, you should open a new section: “The flamebait post of the Week”. A handy way of attracting readers and posts on digg.

  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    Flamebait of the Week – I like it.

  • http://schestowitz.com Roy Schestowitz

    Wayne, nice pun.

  • trg

    1. That’s not recycling. Recycling would be if you handed the manual for somebody who needs it.
    2. The Gentoo installation manual is nowhere near 98 pages. Stop spreading shit.
    3. I’m no fanboy for any distro. Not especially for Gentoo as I’m not using it anymore. I just don’t like *stupid* posts like this. I agree with Iván – this is nothing else than a flamebait post.
    4. This blog of yours shows that you’re *really* an Ubuntu fanboy.
    5. Some of your blog posts are the most stupid I’ve seen… ever.

    @Roy Schestowitz:
    You’re smarter than that.

  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    Roy: Thanks bud!

    1. re·cy·cle noun
    To use discarded material for another purpose.

    2. It most certainly is 90 pages or more depending on font and page size.

    3. That would explain why this site serves avg 5000 views a day over past 2 months – all my *stupid* posts keeps people coming back again and again.

    4. If I were a Ubuntu fanboy, I wouldn’t have 5+ operating systems in use at any given time in my house – Linux Mint, Smoothwall, Ubuntu, OSX and WinXP (for work).

    Also, I wouldn’t have a collection of 60+ CDs with versions of Linux ranging from Redhat in the late 90’s all the way up to the latest release of Gutsy Gibbon.

    Want proof?

    5. See #3.

    Every time you post here you end up looking like a fool. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Anything else you’d like to say?

  • trg

    1. Yes, that’s what the word means literally. But “recycling” (as in environmental protection sense of meaning) is not that simple.

    And no, using manufactured materials as a source for energy is not generally considered as recycling (or at least good recycling).

    2. Yes, the Gentoo *Hand Book* might be 98 pages, but *Installation* is only a small part of it.

    3. I’m sure you’re well aware how stupid and/or flamebait posts bring readers (fanboys etc.) especially from digg. This doesn’t mean that you’re stupid… Also, I said *some* of your posts.

    4. Well, your *posts* really render you as an Ubuntu fanboy. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for you. BTW, how am I supposed to know about your history with Linux? You sure as hell don’t tell about it on this web site.

    5. See #3.

  • http://distrogue.blogspot.com DistRogue

    Actually, since Mint is based on Ubuntu, and SmoothWall is something else entirely… Yeah. What other distros do you use (Ubuntu-based ones don’t count)? Just curious- I like your blog.

  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    Trg: I would have thrown the manual away if not finding another purpose for it. Reuse would be more fitting.

    I’ll admit, I’ve got a few posts I wish never happened… and some that I thought would never be popular but have tens of thousands of views :)

    Flamebait doesn’t bring visitors nearly much as good content does. A flame might hit front page of Digg, but it’ll scroll off quick and maybe get 2k views. Flames never get popular on other social sites like Stumble, Delicous or Reddit, which combined actually bring far, far more traffic than a front page of Digg these days.

    I’ve been meaning to post up an ‘about me’ page so that people understand where I come from and most importantly, my sense of humor (or lack thereof).

    Smoothwall runs a 2.6 kernel and I’m ssh’d into it all the time, how is that any different? I compile executables for it when I need em, it’s a distro like anything else – certainly not as full featured as most others. Does every distro need an X server and package manager?

    I’ve tried every distro in the top 20 on Distrowatch within the last 6 months, except Freespire. You would think that I would find something that is better than Ubuntu – I did, but not for myself. My significant other is using Mint and I think it’s a superior distribution for new users.

    Ubuntu is the flavor of the month, and for a good reason – it’s easy to use for the beginner, yet not too constrictive for an intermediate to advanced users.

    There are other distributions that cater to as broad a market as Ubuntu does – notably Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Mandriva, but I’ve tried them all, and many more and always ended up coming back to Ubuntu in the end.

  • trg

    Hmmm… where I leave paper recycling is organized very efficiently by the city.

  • Iván

    And I though *I* was getting old and angry. C’mon, I could do the very same joke with a completely different book. i.e: the C++ programming bible. I could pick all the chapters referred to pointers and count how many times I can wipe my back with them.

    Chill out people :)

    Wayne: I wasn’t joking about the falmebait section. Maybe if you warn people about its flamebaitness (I know, Shakespeare revives and commits suicide everytime I write english ) they’ll take it with a grain of salt. It would be a real “swift kick in the *nix” :)


  • http://distrogue.blogspot.com DistRogue

    @Wayne: Wow, you’re starting to sound like me. I hate Ubuntu because it’s slow and… well, it doesn’t give you any geek creds. But I can’t find a better distro. In fact, the reason why I started blogging was that I wanted to make something out of my constant distro-hopping.
    @Ivan: I see what you mean. But here’s another idea: to just stay away from one-liners like this post. 😉

  • http://gentoo-install.com MrEcho

    Ok, if that manual is to hard to read… try this one

    People with reading disorders have installed Gentoo using my guide.

  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    Haha! I’ll take a look MrEcho, thanks!

    Edit: Wow, this is good. I really like your guide, and I’ve only read 5 pages in.

  • Andy

    Think about this, i trashed my car’s manual and my car because the manual was 78 pages long!
    Phew :-)