Canonical (Ubuntu) Has An Excellent Sense Of Humour

I’ve been surfing around the Ubuntu website and found a few funny exerpts…

If you’d like to see for yourself, just click through the image which is linked to the webpage I found it on.

  1. Ubuntu is hiring someone who doesn’t speak Klingon. I guess they already have enough employees who are fluent in the language.


  2. Shuttleworth filed a bug about some problem with market share for Ubuntu verses other competetors.ubuntu-microsoft.png
  3. Microsoft is such a pane in the glass!
  4. Catch Spelling Mistakes on the Fli… erro

Got any more? Feel free to share. :)

  • brian


  • haaaaaha – funnnnyyyyyy 😉

    no. 4 is teH best 😀 lukcly no errozrs.. 😀 excellent!

  • I can think of other examples. Google are the same.

  • You got me ROTFLing
    “Microsoft is such a pane in the glass!”

    I love it when a corporation has sense of humor and doesn’t have anything stuck in the wrong place….