Win My Copy Of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector Edition is giving away a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector’s Edition. Just make a comment on this post with a valid email address and I’ll randomly select the winner. I’ll have it to your door by Christmas.

Want to know why I’m giving it away? Keep reading….

It’s been about 2 months since anything new on the Linux front has been released for Unreal Tournament 3. In fact, the only files release to Linux enthusiasts has been a buggy Linux demo server beta – which is completely useless now, since the retail game has shipped.

Ever since I heard there would be a Linux Client shipping on the retail Windows disc I was extremely excited.

“Woohoo! A real, live Linux-supported game, with the client on the disc! I’ll be in heaven!”

Then I read that the game wouldn’t have a Linux client on the disc, but it would be available when the game hit retail, which is still just fine and dandy… I can deal with that – it’s pretty much par for the course.

Unwittingly, I ran out to my local game retailer the day the game hit retail, and purchased a Collector’s Edition of UT3 for about $60 bones. Like other people, I figured it would be in my best interest to buy the more expensive collector’s edition and voluntarily provide additional financial support the continued development of Linux friendly video games.

I actually installed Windows Vista POS Edition for a week, just to play the game.

My initial impressions from playing this game that it was designed for consoles and then (badly?) ported to the PC. Hell, even the videos on the collector’s edition bonus disc, ALL of the videos of the offices of Epic Games show the play testers using Xbox 360s… there isn’t a single person shown playing the game on a PC. Additionally, some other things indicated this was the case, like the initial game menu system responds INSTANTLY to keyboard input, but there is a significant delay when using a mouse pointer to navigate the menus.

I’m not much of a gamepad person, but just for the sake of trying to test out the controls to see what would happen… I hooked up a gamepad and started playing the game without a keyboard and mouse. I ended up scoring better with the gamepad – no kidding. The gamepad just had a better feel to it, and didn’t feel like the inputs were lagging behind the action. On top of that major transgression, with no Linux server available to date, I am of the opinion that the game is doomed to fail miserably.

This is not bad news for Epic, by the way.

I’ve known for awhile that Epic is not first and foremost a video game company, and if you think I’m out of my mind, listen to me for just a moment. I can hear the cries from the enthusiasts already screaming blasphemy, but hear me out. Epic makes video game engines and sell them. The video games that result from coding the engine is just a byproduct that’s been polished up a tiny little bit.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to watch the E3 videos of UT3. They aren’t trying to sell their video game – they’re pitching all the features of the engine. The profit margins of selling an engine are far, far higher and much more lucrative than selling video games.

I’ve got more than a few friends in the video game business, and several have worked with Unreal Engine 3 projects. They have made the claim that even the engine source code contains inefficient and absolutely rediculously bad programming that seems like someone with a bad grasp of simple logic coded the entire thing.

Ever seen something like this?

bool isRunning()
if isNotRunning = true
isRunning = false
return true;

At least it's in Hungarian notation. This is the kind of barely intelligible code that's in the UT3 engine, according to my sources... they hate Unreal Engine 3.

This got me to thinking, what is the best way that I can show my extreme disappointment with Epic?

I’ll just give away my copy. I’m not going to be playing it anytime soon, as far as I can tell.boxy2.png

And even IF Epic pulls their head out of their collective asses 5 minutes from now and actually releases a Linux client – I’m not planning on installing it. It’s a console game. I’m not much of a console kind of guy.

Just make a comment on this post with a valid email address, and I will choose at random one lucky person to win my own personal copy of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector’s Edition and have it to your door by Christmas… which is faster than the Linux client will likely be released.

I am serious as a heart attack.

Contest is OVER! It ended at December 16th at midnight, mountain standard time.

The winner was Tyler, picked at out of 107 entries after removing duplicate comments. Congratulations Tyler, you’re number 86!


You’ve got an email waiting for you Tyler, reply to it asap so I can get it out in the mail tomorrow.

  • Aaron

    Me me!

  • Jim

    Yeah, sure, why not?
    (love the blog, tho)

  • Rustafur

    Just one more reason to dislike Aegia… and there was plenty to begin with.

  • nerdbert

    You’re not the only one to note that UT3 is better on consoles. Ars did an article today that came to pretty much the same conclusion.

    BTW, and good suggestions on tools to do the equivalent of DVDShrink’s re-author? Clicking reauthor under Wine freezes my emulator, and my results with k9copy have been less than stellar. I’ve got kids and my standard mode of operation has been to rip just the movie from their DVDs, put the original on a spindle and let them use the rip in the original case. Very useful for the DVD player in the car since there’s no fumbling with buttons on the menus, and makes my life easier when I dump the rip into the player and can walk away. I hate having to fire up VMware just to run XP so that I can run DVDShrink natively.

  • Sam

    *Sticks hand in air*

    OOO! ME!

  • Wayne

    let’s get some more diggs on this one LOL!

  • Wayne

    also, if you happen to reside outside the lower 48 US states, I can’t guarantee you’ll get it before Xmas.

    The contest will end at Dec 16th at midnight.

  • John

    I’m interested, even if they don’t have a linux client. Sorry they didn’t come through for you.

  • Ilija

    sorry to see you giving it away for free, I thought it was a great game, why not install in under wine or something?

  • WishMaster

    I’m also a Linux gamer but I’ve still got hope :-)

  • KhaaL

    You forgot that the game was obviously not quite finished when it was shipped. It was overhyped and lots of features didn’t made it to the game. I’m not talking about content, I’m talking about fury’s inability to make a barrel-roll, scavager unable to climb walls… There’s more.

    Anyway, I’m hoping that patches and bonispacks will fix this god-forsaken game (If they fix the game with expansions, somebody is gonna get hurt!).

    So anyway, I rather win the game than pay for it. by the time (if) I get it, I’m sure wine will have support for it *grin*.

  • Sebastiaan

    Too bad indeed to hear your giving it away, tho I would love to receive a copy of the game :). From what I’ve seen, Epic still has some way to go with this game, should have made it come out in 2008 when all shit was fixed :S.

  • bc

    Could actually use this to let younger brother play it on his pc since none of my computers can even play it.

  • brian

    i say pick me. why i say so?
    i’ve read every post you’ve ever wrote on this site, and loved pretty much every single one of them. i checked and was ‘dissapointed’ to see it redirects here…in was hoping you had a second site with different posts. if thats not reason enough to pick me then what is?

  • Alex

    I think Epic saw just how lucrative the console market is when they released Gears of War, and are now doing everything they can to cash in. Can’t say I blame ’em either, after all, console players are fools, and you know what they say about a fool and his money…

    But I digress. I waited for damned near a year for the NeverWinter Nights client back in the day, so another few days/weeks/months won’t kill me. Besides, I’ve got ET: Quake Wars to keep me busy. :)

    So send over that copy of UT3 and when the Linux client is finally released I’ll put it to good use. :)

  • homesick

    I see no reason to not enter this, love free stuff.

  • Magnus

    I always like free games. Maybe I’ll finally throw bootcamp on my MacBook Pro and play it on that.

  • Niels

    I think that you’re giving up to soon. I trust in Ryan and in EPICs history. If you’d send the game to Germany, I would take it. I still hope that the Linux client will be there by the time it arrives. (Your frustration is exactly the reason why I never buy a game unless the Linux client is already available.)

  • TheRealSephiroth

    I hope someone @ Epic is going to read your story 😉

    btw. ever thought about picking an austrian for winning the game? 😀

  • Andrey

    I am optimistic that Epic will pull through on the GNU/Linux client. In the mean time, I won’t spend a nickel on the game until the client comes out.

  • Jonathan

    Well, I’ve only tried the beta so far and it didn’t feel that consolish, at least I didn’t notice.
    PS: Please pick me :)

  • Sander

    I never win stuff.

  • Stijn van Drongelen

    From what I heared, the whole thing about ‘stalls due to middleware issues’ could also be a licensing problem. UT3 seems to depend on the PhysX SDK from Ageia, which has a non-free license.

    So as soon as Epic *finally* resolves that problem, the linux client (and server?) should be ready in… a reasonable time?

    And yes, please pick me. I really liked UT2004, and the promos of UT3 look promising (even if the bundled content turns out to be crappy, as some of my friends claim).

  • Wayne

    Anyone is welcome to enter, no matter where you are located. If luck swings your way, so be it.

    I just checked and 165 countries have visited the site in the last month. That said, I’m not planning on spending more than about $20 to ship it – overseas or otherwise.

    If it’s more than $20 to send it via airmail, I’ll coordinate with the winner to figure out a compromise.

  • Sven

    So, actually, I’d like the copy, too. 😉

  • Bhanu Vanteru

    Well… i dont want the game… jus checking if i am lucky as always.

  • Blake

    Well, I’ll take it although I am also highly disappointed with Epic to say the least.

  • Ben

    Woooootz. I can has game?

  • Dan

    I’d like to get, but just to spare my money on buying the game when the Linux-client gets out and the game still performs that bad on my 7900 GTX.

    If it does, I’ll sell it and give 50% of the money to wikipedia and 50% to a little company that produces native linux-games.

    I’m very upset about Epic. It’s good though, that it’s not Ryan who has to take the blame.

  • Steve

    I’m a little disappointed that the linux and mac clients aren’t yet available, moreso that the linux server isn’t yet available, but the thing that really bugs me is that there’s been no official word on the delays. The only info we have is from an IRC log with the developer contracted to do the port, who mentioned some vague “legal issues”. I’d like some more info straight from Epic, letting us know what the current status is. Even if they say “There are some legal issues that we can’t elaborate on, but we’re working on it and should have something by Christmas” – that’d at least be something. Luckily for me I have a Windows box (hmm.. luckily?) so I can play the game.

    You’re right about Epic being in the business of selling game engines first, and games second. That’s been the case since UT99, so I don’t see that as a big deal. They’ve built up a reputation of making great games regardless, and supporting the community more than most other developers. The UT series are my favourite games. I disagree with you saying that UT3 is a console game (apart from the dodgy menu system). I’m not a console guy either, and UT3 is perfectly suited to PC.

  • Chris

    I can play UT3 on shitty ATI card? I’ll make it work.

  • farenheit

    Don’t give it away! Wait it out a little longer!

  • Jessica Lynn

    Ooo, pick me! I want to play UTIII so bad but after the GOW PC fiasco I’m too afraid to pay for it!

  • BlueTrin

    Sorry you didn’t like it, if I am chosen I will pay the mailing as I live in the UK

    Cheers mate …

  • Joshua Jabin

    I’m sorry you didn’t like the game. You should probably include a deadline for comments. As it is, it isn’t really clear when the contest ends.

    Joshua Jabin

  • mario

    I need this game in my life

    Pick me. [email protected] Yeaa.(sexy tone)

  • Wayne

    Joshua: It’s been edited… Dec 16th at midnight, mountain standard time.

  • asdf

    You sound like a dbag in article. First of developer like epic dont care about linux because no one plays games on linux. This one reads like another elist O MY GOD YOU DONT SUPPORT LINUX YOU CANT HAVE MY PRECIOUS MONEY linux articles. Linux gamers are so marginal they can be simply be ignored.

    Second: the code fragment…

    bool isRunning()
    if isNotRunning = true
    isRunning = false
    return true;

    is completely made up by you, and isnt in the unreal tournament 3 or the unreal engine. The game (and its underlying engine) is a technical masterpiece and you can be sure that its tweaked for maximum scalability and efficiency. The code you use as an example is pure made up bs because it wouldnt even complite. There is no return statement for the true case of an if statement. If youre going to provide proof of inefficient code, you might as well post something without syntax errors!
    I really hope you do pick these at random …..
    heidux !!!!!at!!!!!! (altought I already got the game, it runs awesome on my Windows machine so just email me your CD KEY hehe)

  • linuxgoober

    Hey I’d love it if you sent me a copy of UT3. As an added bonus, I am located in Kansas so you could save some money on shipping

  • Zachary Waldowski
  • JohnnyWakko

    Sorry guys. I have already one the competition. How do I know? I have a “RANDOM NUMBER SUPER ATTRACTION MAGNETIC PIN POINTING GRAVITY EXCELERATOR MACHINE” with a backup TIME MACHINE in case there is a need for a second or third chance, but so far I have never had to use the backup TIME MACHING because the ATTRACTIVITY of my “RNSAMPPGE Machine” has always been precise. The “RNSAMPPGE Machine” has told me that this is the exact random post that will be chosen in due time. However, if it is NOT, and that is highly unlikely, then no one will ever know, because I can use my backup time machine to go back and recalibrate the “RNSAMPPGE Machine” to find the exact point again.

    Thanks for filling in the previous comments though, otherwise I would not have been able to make my pin point comment right here.


  • Tim


    Cool, I played the demo and it rocked.

    I hope I win 😀

  • {SAP}asciiKing

    I’ve got the thing already but bless you, and even if you did make the code snippet up who G.A.S.?

    The point is that it was poor planning not so much for the client because although the illustrious asdf (did I spell that right?) may be correct in that Linux gamers are outnumbered the fact is that there are a multitude of Linux servers which are not currently able to hock the wares.. just plain short-sighted on many levels.


  • Wayne

    asdf: It’s not directly from their engine, and it’s been 5 years since I touched C++ code so I guess you have at least one thing right.

  • devnulll

    I do not think it is a GameSpy issue. They had it ported to Linux already for the alfa-beta demo server. This is something else.

    My best bet in situation where microsoft is involved and where ‘licensing’ and Linux are involved is that they are the reason.

    Prove me wrong, but I think there won’t be Linux server released.

  • nordic

    @asdf : It’s not so much about the client not being available on Linux (after it had been promised), but the server as well. If you do not understand why it’s probably a very good idea ™ to have the dedicated server for a game you expect your fanbase to run servers for being available for Linux, then you should probably just stfu and gtf off of your soapbox :)

    As for the engine being a masterpiece, yeah, I bet you read the sourcecode and can comment on that with authority. The article author heard of crappy code. He illustrated it with a snippet that is crappy code. Any coder would be able to tell you that. He’s not gonna copy and paste half the engine sourcecode. All that is beside the point anyway; the UT3 engine is cool, but it’s no masterpiece. Hell, they haven’t even figured out how to make use of anti-aliasing — you know, the easy stuff, after all, the competitors get it right. It’s a rushjob, sadly. I bought the game 3 days ago, and I am already mightily disappointed. It could have been great, and it might even still become great, but right now it’s sinking, and sinking fast.
    This will be the last Epic/Midway game I will ever buy. Life’s too short for this sort of shit.

  • alias_jdoe

    Put me in to win, please.

  • alias_jdoe

    Not sure if my previous post worked (noscript).

    Put me it to win, please.

  • gor9e

    EPIC sux! For sure!!!

    This can’t be true!

    Pick me plz!

  • Txukie

    Well i might as well try (ps im on linux too, no windows box here)