What Happens When You Call Microsoft Support To Remove Linux?

This April Fools’ Day it needs to be special. And by special, I mean truly EPIC.

I’ve been brainstorming for weeks about what I would do, and I’ve had some real killer ideas that would unfortunately fall flat on their face during execution. One idea I had was to bridge the #emacs and #vim internet chat rooms with clones that relayed messages from one room into another, one clone per person. When I saw there was 250+ people in each room, I figured it would be nearly impossible to pull off without a lot of help – someone would notice all the clones and it would be over.

Then a stroke of genius struck me:  For this April Fools’ day, I’ll call Microsoft to help me uninstall Linux. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft would willingly help me uninstall Linux, they even have a Knowledgebase article on it, and all I would need to do is tell them I’m having some problems following the KB article, and they would helpfully guide me through it.

This prank would need PROOF that it happened, not just my word – and nothing is better to prove that something happened than video. But first there were some legalities to figure out… can I record the phone call?

I did some research, and sure enough, Utah is a one-party consent state. If at least one party (aka me) consents to recording, I’m in the clear. However, I’m calling a company based out of Washington – and they’re a two-party consent state (for the most part).

What happens when you’re calling across state lines? Federal law takes precedence as far as I can tell, and that my friends is where I get carte blanche – federal law states that at least one party needs to consent.

Wayne – 1, Microsoft – 0.

I got the camera ready, found my copy of Windows XP Professional Edition, printed out the KB article in case I needed it while my machine was down, and called their support number and drilled down through the voice menus to get to someone who would transfer me to the right person.

Silly youtube disabled embedding. My appologies! Can view the video at the below link.
I don’t want to spoil the fun, just watch the video and see what unfolded.



  • Neil

    I hate you for this, Wayne. -_-

    No, in all seriousness, everyone gets Rickrolled sometime and you were the first one to get me. Cheers.

  • RC

    I can tell you’re from Northern Utah by your area code (801).

  • http://78704pickinparty.wordpress.com cf

    Um, I think the algorithm for interstate calls is that the jurisdiction that applies is the state of the calling party. So you’re still in the clear.

    But what’s with the preppy wanker music video?

    Did they give you the preppy wanker music loop in hopes you’d hang up?


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  • Ben

    Haha, oh wow. 😀

  • Dan

    Epic does not begin to describe how awesome that is.

  • http://www.mjnbrn.net Ben

    Agh! If Linux had a support line I would expect to here friendlier people. Teehee. Also, Nice surprise ending :)

  • Audacitor

    You win a million Internets.

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  • http://www.fsckin.com/ Wayne

    Looks like this is gonna get dugg, so I’ll lock down the page to avoid overloading the server – kinda stuck in this situation until I can upgrade to WordPress 2.5 in a few days.

  • Steve Martin

    Um, WTF? I expected to see your experience with Microsoft, all I saw was some stupid pop music video. Thanks for nothing.

  • Hans

    Haha thats soooo funny! I got rick rolled, I can’t believe it!

  • nomad

    you got me, you bastard. Great rick roll

  • 1337

    Don’t even bother watching – so lame – what starts off as a great idea turns into the shittiest bait & switch ever.

  • Jeff

    Seems like if they tell you they’re recording the call, that amounts to consent to record them.

  • http://www.matthewmeyer.net Matt



  • http://www.rumblepup.com/ rumblepup

    Damn you. Damn you to hell. That’s the fifth time today.

  • http://cheatbuzz.com/ DeviantDragon

    Now I’m no stranger to Microsoft Customer support, but it seems to me that the rep should know the rules. I know I do. All I ask of Microsoft is Customer Service that fully commits to helping me. Quite frankly, they’re the only people who can provide me with it.

  • http://dns.hayami-kishimoto.net/~fadenb/blog/wordpress/ poldi

    Great Job!

  • jeff

    Actually, in a call across state lines, it’s not federal law that takes precedence; it’s the most restrictive of the two states’ policies, so you technically violated Washington state law.

  • http://andri.dk Andri

    Okay, on 1st of April you would’ve gotten a smile but it is EXTREMELY annoying to get fooled, the 2nd of April.

    Can’t belive you got on Digg, bunch of retards.

  • http://eaolmos.com Dr. Groovy

    god damn Rick RoLLED!

  • nullsucks

    Oh wow.

    Was told to watch this video, was told it was hilarious, sadly got rickroll’d. GG.

  • TenSigh

    Pretty lame.

  • http://www.joelle.de/blog/joe BlogOhJoe

    Damned, I forgot all about April Fools Day.

  • Waynes a Dope

    Wayne….way to waste a companies money…. I hope they trace you and charge you for their time and expenses….

  • http://howgoodisthat.wordpress.com Jim Gardner

    You complete and utter SHITE!!! I love it!!

  • Hallsie

    This doesn’t count as a rick roll. This is dumb.

  • Bapa

    I must admit: That was good. That’s the first time I’ve been genuinely Rick Roll’d =]

    xD, I love that video.

  • james

    Useless article.

  • http://www.puresimple.net Bernardo

    I don’t get it… I mean, it would have been interesting had they not known how to deal with it, or if they had done…well, anything out of the ordinary. But no. Oh, and I don’t mind being rickrolled – after “internetisseriousbusiness.com” I’m immune.

  • http://goodbye-microsoft.com/ fhjb

    The reserve process is much simpler. Here’s the support page:

  • http://eric.themoritzfamily.com Eric Moritz

    Ben, yeah because the #linux channel is really friendly :)

  • Adama

    Thanks for Rickrolling me. I’ve avoided it this whole time. :)

  • Jesus Franco


    I can’t believe I feel for it again :(

  • Dooby

    Never understood why his voice is so deep when he looks so young. Rick I mean…

  • Rob

    Wayne has bar dollars.

  • Lakario

    Why? :/

  • Ed

    Damn you!

  • http://www.olliemag.com/skates/ wil


  • Kay

    First time I got rickrolled.

  • http://www.isearchnewyork.com Kosmos

    Pretty funny, but why the music video at the end?

  • http://pr0x.org Cameron

    I’ve volantarily looked at rick rolls in my day, but this single handidly is the best rick roll ever and the first rick roll.

    I commend you good sir, good work!!

  • Cindy

    Fuck it! thats like the hundredth time and it was so legit in the beginning… GRRRRR…

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  • Andrew







  • great

    great song.

    btw, is he still alive? rick astley?

  • http://www.asksteved.com/ Steve

    Augh! That’s a new one for me. Embedded rickroll!

  • Tom

    Oh damn. Most tasteful Rick Roll yet. I loled quite hard, thanks a lot you made my day 😀