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SCO Sells Text Ads On Website After Filing For Chapter 11

SCO and their recent filing for Chapter 11 Bankrupcy has generated quite a bit of buzz on various news websites.

Starting several years ago, they attempted to extort money from EVERY Fortune 1500 company who used Linux in any form, in an effort to keep their company afloat. They sent letters with veiled threats of legal action, and demanded licenses for “their” code which is inbedded in Linux. Tt was actually proven that Novell owns the code that SCO was claiming was theirs.

They’ve been in headlines ever since they started lawsuit mongering. Even after years of legal battles, they failed to prevail in the courts, and when I recently visited SCOs’ website while looking for a press release from the CEO, I noticed something immediately.

Why are there links for Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) and website design on the footer of www.sco.com? SCO is a business built on selling hardware and software, not SEO or web design. Continue reading