I Downloaded Transformers [2007] DvDrip [Eng] aXXo Using The MPAA University Toolkit

The MPAA has their own flavor of Linux… if you can call a few quaint additions a new flavor.

It’s actually a decent LiveCD, since it’s based on Xubuntu. With a python script and an MPAA-branded version of ntop, the distribution actually “phones home” to check to make sure it has the latest version, but other than that, it seems like it’s pretty harmless.

So what’s the first thing a guy needs to do? Mark my territory.

So I fired up the terminal, and promptly installed BitTorrent – gotta test this thing to make sure it actually works.

PeerWatch aka ntop rebranded with the MPAA logo… nifty for viewing how fast the torrent is downloading.

It also features a Top 10 list of IP addresses downloading files.

Pretty generated graphs for bandwidth usage…

And last but not least… a quick apt-get install vlc and I’m watching Transformers in all of it’s ripped glory.

Oh yeah, by the way, I own a copy.


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