Need A Reason To Upgrade To Linux? How About This: Double Your Money Back Lifetime Guarantee!

Your eyes did not deceive you! Install Linux today and you’ll receive these great features:

  • Free Upgrades For Life!
  • Exclusive, Free Source Code Subscription!
  • Secure, Standards-Compliant, Wicked Fast Browsing with Firefox!
  • Free Support As Long As You Live!
  • No Extra Software Needed – Antivirus not needed, and Firewall Included!
  • Free, Easy, Background Updates!
  • Fast & Stable Computing Enviroment!
  • Over 20,000 Software Packages FREE OF CHARGE!

You’d probably expect to pay over $199 for a single upgrade from Microsoft, but we wont nickel and dime you to death – pay nothing – EVER!

But wait! Try out Linux today, and we’ll cut 100% off the asking price, and give away free installation CDs of the most user-friendly distribution of Linux around – Ubuntu – sent right to your home!

And if that weren’t enough, there are over 100 other distributions of Linux you can also use, 100% free to you, guaranteed! All you need is an internet connection!

And if you aren’t satisfied, you can try Linux risk-free for an average of 24,464 days – THAT’S 67 YEARS, INCLUDING 16 LEAP YEAR DAYS – our gift to you.

And there’s more: We’re so confident you’ll enjoy Linux, I will personally write you a check for double your money back if you aren’t satisfied!

For one easy payment of zero dollars and zero cents, Linux can be yours today! Don’t wait, download it now!

9 replies on “Need A Reason To Upgrade To Linux? How About This: Double Your Money Back Lifetime Guarantee!”

Ahahaha I love it 😀
Guess what, you Don’t have to pay for something good!!
But if you like Linux a lot and want to see new versions/updates, I would donate a little something, doesn’t have to be much either!

Not to be too pessimistic, but you’d totally loose money writing people those checks for piss all. Then again, if it’s anything like a Microsoft promise, you could always just “feature drop” the writing people a cheques and go with scanning them ones or sending them over the web.

Dang, been running ubuntu for better than a year now and it ain’t broke yet. Guess I’ll have to wait to claim my money back.

Sounds like the “BoB” Dobbs* Triple Your Money Back Guarantee.

Give $30.00 to “BoB” and if upon your death you find yourself in hell, “BoB” will personally present you with triple your money back. He’ll also offer you his best selling underworld edition of “Getting Along In Hell On A Nickel A Day” for the amazing low price of $89.95.

Personally I love my Linux system and wouldn’t give it up, even for a collectible item like a refund check for $0.00. (I’d totally frame that one.)

*See if you don’t know who “BoB” is.

i like linux but i still depend on windows since my scanner and other gadgets will not run in linux

so until linux got working drivers for my visioneer onetouch 9020usb scanner i ain’t dumping windows

and yes i’ve tried the xsane, sane-find-scanner, scanimage -L in terminal

sane-find-scanner detects my scanner (visioneer 9020usb)

but it still won’t scan

after visiting sane’s website, it’s listed as unsupported

go figure

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