While I’m waiting on Direct2Drive to Download 6GB of Data for COD4

…it is probably going to take all night… I just HAD to try out COD4 after Yahtzee’s most excellent quote of being “a pretty excellent gun wank.” Sigh. I watched that review and immediately headed over to the WineHQ to check the status of the game, and it seems to play very well under Wine. I’d be able to write an article AND play an excellent gun wank at the same time, so that’d be a win-win. So I went ahead and purchased it immediately.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my most recent “computer” upgrade… the most excellent Mirra Chair by Herman Miller. Since the ~24 hours after owning this chair most of my dull and nagging lower-back pain have completely disappeared.

I highly recommend the chair and there’s not much more I can say about the Mirra other than the fact that it’s marginally more comfortable than the Aeron I used 40 hours a week for 2 years when I worked for a company that spoiled all of it’s employees with Aeron-goodness during the DotCom Bubble. Also, the aesthetics of the non-mesh back appeal to me, which is a side-bonus. I don’t care if the chair looks like it’s 45 years old, and has sagging nockers that have been used to breastfeed a baker’s dozen of really, really thirsty babies, as long as it makes my back more comfortable, that is all that matters.

(click for full-resolution)

I made the plunge and purchased it for three reasons:

1. My back hurt from sitting in a non-ergonomic chair for long periods of time. Big time problem. The Mirra is a big-time solution to that, and should I ever decide to father some children (or accidentally father children), I’ll be able to put the chair in my last will and testament. Herman Miller does not fuck around with their warranty. They assume the chair will be used 24 hours a day for 12 years and warranty any malfunction. I wish my car had that kind of warranty!

2. I now feel like I can talk about this, but about month ago, I got flown out to see Linux Journal in Houston for a job interview. They (and by they I mean Doc Searls) saw my blog, liked my writing, and after a few telephone interviews, thought I might be a good fit for their company.

It was a fun adventure and has some bearing as to why my posting frequency has slowed somewhat in the last couple months… all of the excitement really threw my train of posting off the tracks BIG TIME. As time passes, and correspondence has slowed to a halt – it seems more and more unlikely that I’ll get hired. I loved being down there, and I think I gave a good first impression – I think part of the reason why they’re now giving me a bit of the cold shoulder treatment is because I do take a little bit of time to warm up to relative strangers and may have given off a bad vibe or something. Ahh well. Next time I’m interviewing for the job opportunity of my life I’ll bring Xanex and a flask of my favorite beverage along for the ride. Ok, long diatribe there, but the secondary reason why I purchased the chair is because the opportunity to work from home for LJ presented itself.

Honestly, there is no place I’d rather work more than at Linux Journal in any capacity… actually, let me qualify that statement – I don’t do windows, dishes, diapers, or laundry.

I’ll write an article within the next few weeks about my travel and experiences with Linux Journal, and besides the post interview correspondence slow-down, it’s been positive all the way around… hey, I’m even willing to pimp their magazine and give my readers a 3 month free trial of Linux Journal – if you are “qualified” they’ll even send it to you for free. Otherwise, after three months, give them a call or write “cancel” on the bill and there’s no further obligation.

Click HERE for the 3 months free offer. I’ve always thought they were a good magazine, full of great information and interviews which are harder than you imagine to get setup. After my visit with them I have nothing but the highest regards toward everyone there. Even the webmistress who “accidentally” breaks her Linux install constantly… and fsck if I know who’s gonna fixing it now that I’m gone.

Where was I? Oh right – I almost missed point 3 on buying the Mirra – Price is THE ONLY CON… and seeing as I hit the roulette table this weekend and turned a week of lunch money into a very sizable wad of cash in about 30 minutes, it’s a moot point. Money is no object in my current financial situations so as much as I would love to live a frugal as possible life in general, I’ve got to admit that one of the few things that were hard-wired into my brain as a child living in relative poverty is: if you’ve got money, spend now as fast as you can before someone takes it away from you. It’s not something that is easily deprogrammed. Perhaps some hypnotherapy is in my future.

On a side note, I’m in the market for a Digital SLR camera – not looking for anything super fancy or expensive, something in the range of the Nikon D40 or Cannon Digital Rebel. Reviews of both cameras are terrific, with the exception of the Rebel having a sub-par plasticy-fall-apart kit lense. I’ve held both in hand, and each has a good feel to it, ergonomics-wise. The main features I’m looking for are fast, intelligent AF and Burst-shot ability/speed, plus easy multiple F-stop exposures for easy HDR photography. I’ll primarily be shooting for web resolution, so anything higher than about 5MP is overkill but welcomed. I’d like to stay well under a budget of $600ish.

Anybody have a preference on a camera under $600? Preferably well under $600…


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“Geographic Eligibility: United States”
And with that the 3 months for LJ fails. Not everyone live in the US. Oh well.

Congrats on writing for LJ. I’ve bought and read a few of those magazines and have been quite impressed with some of the articles in there. I’ll see if I can’t find any LJ magazines in my area and pick up your article(s).

Congratulations! That’s a bit of a dream gig for me, but I’ve started doing some more Linux writing at and my blog (

I have a Canon Powershot A710 IS camera that’s pleased me greatly since the day I bought it. It’s 7.1 MP, uses SD(HC), and is fantastic for product pictures. I did a little bit of HDR photography with it, too.

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