Sometimes A Picture Says A Thousand Words

ut3.jpgI feel betrayed and deceived. I’m livid with Epic Games right now. For the first time in months I’ve installed Windows, just to play a video game. There is STILL NO LINUX client!The upshot of this is that I’ll be able to compare Vista performance with Linux when it comes out… if ever.


Sun: Install Solaris 10 and We’ll Serve You. … Dinner?

In one of the most bizarre promotions I’ve ever run into, Sun Microsystems is offering $50 in dinner gift certificates for installing and registering Solaris 10. I know this isn’t a joke, but I really want it to be.

Sun Solaris 10 Promotion

The picture of the woman giving food to the boy is pretty hilarious stock photography by itself… it’s definitely good for a “write a caption for this picture” contest.

Boy: An entire leg of lamb! *Supastar*


Fsckin Downtime, Contact Me, Bad News, And “Something” Is In The Pipe

Some maintenance around here was desperately needed… the site has been upgraded, so there may be some issues here and there. I’m aware of the dozens of articles that have no category.

If you see anything strange, use the brand spanking new Contact button on the left and scroll down, fill out the form, prove you’re a human, and by the miracle of technology, I will receive your message.

A couple of other changes are afoot.


ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf – $300 After Cash Back!

Newegg is participating in the PayPal 20% cash back (Max $50) deal for the obligatory Cyber Monday. It’s dead, Jim!

Question: What’s better than giving a computer to someone for Christmas?

Answer: A computer with Linux pre-loaded.

What are you waiting for? Get one while you still can!

ASUS Eee PC 4G Surf – Galaxy Black Intel processor 7″ Wide VGA Integrated Graphics – Retail



I Downloaded Transformers [2007] DvDrip [Eng] aXXo Using The MPAA University Toolkit

The MPAA has their own flavor of Linux… if you can call a few quaint additions a new flavor.

It’s actually a decent LiveCD, since it’s based on Xubuntu. With a python script and an MPAA-branded version of ntop, the distribution actually “phones home” to check to make sure it has the latest version, but other than that, it seems like it’s pretty harmless.

So what’s the first thing a guy needs to do? Mark my territory.


Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950 – Does It Work In Linux?

Black Friday was good to me. I visited about a dozen different stores and ended up getting better deals than I had originally expected. I tend to be one of those so-called “bad customers” who leverage price matching guarantees to their fullest potential. I ended up scoring a HDTV for under a grand less than I would have paid for it the day prior, and since they had to order it, no HDTV love for two weeks.

Enter the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950 USB HDTV Tuner to the rescue.


Acid2 Test – Firefox 3 Beta 1 vs Phoenix 0.1, Firebird 0.6 and Firefox 2

Have you ever heard of the Acid test for browsers?

Acid 2 is the worst case senario to test web standards compliance. Looking at the source code, it’s by far one of the most convoluted (yet perfectly web compliant) pages I’ve ever seen. I was digging around the Mozilla ftp site and found a really old version of Firefox, called Phoenix and snagged that as well as Firebird.

Phoenix begot Firebird, and Firebird begot Firefox – the browser we all know and love.

Let’s take a look at the results:

Humor Video

Installing Windows Vista in 2 Minutes

This is an old video, but I just came across it and even 9 months later, it still rings true… Vista still has hardware compatibility problems. This video just cracked me up, if you haven’t seen it, well worth your time. Enjoy!


Canonical (Ubuntu) Has An Excellent Sense Of Humour

I’ve been surfing around the Ubuntu website and found a few funny exerpts…

If you’d like to see for yourself, just click through the image which is linked to the webpage I found it on.

  1. Ubuntu is hiring someone who doesn’t speak Klingon. I guess they already have enough employees who are fluent in the language.


  2. Shuttleworth filed a bug about some problem with market share for Ubuntu verses other competetors.ubuntu-microsoft.png
  3. Microsoft is such a pane in the glass!
  4. Catch Spelling Mistakes on the Fli… erro

Got any more? Feel free to share. 🙂


Unreal Tournament 3 – Linux Client Delayed

I’ve gone and done something I really regret – this afternoon I went and purchased a video game that doesn’t support Linux. Not on purpose mind you. And I’ve purchased games in the past that don’t have a native Linux client, but run really well under Wine.

I bought the Unreal Tournament 3 Collector Edition… which came with the Unreal Anthology, which is semi-useless to me – I already own all the games included. I knew beforehand that the client wouldn’t be on the DVD in the box, but I’d need to go and find it somewhere online.