Moved from AWS to Digital Ocean

Wow… this site still exists? Amazing! This old thing still sees a good bit of traffic, despite not seeing an update in a good many years. I’m very, very impressed with Digital Ocean, to be honest. Here’s why they’re really good:

It takes about 3 minutes to signing up, putting in billing information to having a shiny new SSD VM up and running, starting at a very reasonable $5.
To compare them with my previous hosting companies, Dreamhost gave me cheap ass shared hosting for $10. An Amazon T1.Micro instance and storage is $15 and change.
Security features all over. Upload your public key, root password disabled by default. 2-Factor-Authentication? Setup in seconds.
The control panel has a pretty uncluttered look, because they took off all the shitty knobs that everyone else plasters all over the place and never touches.
Want more knobs? Use their sweet API.

If you wanna give it the ‘ol heave ho, here’s a referral link that’ll put $10 in my pocket.

In the meantime, stay thirsty my friends.