Fsckin Downtime, Contact Me, Bad News, And “Something” Is In The Pipe

Some maintenance around here was desperately needed… the site has been upgraded, so there may be some issues here and there. I’m aware of the dozens of articles that have no category.

If you see anything strange, use the brand spanking new Contact button on the left and scroll down, fill out the form, prove you’re a human, and by the miracle of technology, I will receive your message.

A couple of other changes are afoot.

The bad news: using full RSS feeds invites the content-stealing-rss-robots for a feast that rivals a thanksgiving dinner for 12. I’ve had to send more C&D and DMCA requests this week than I have in the sites existance… which I don’t like doing, but when you steal content and post it as your own, it just makes me mad.

The problem doesn’t have an easy solution, but I’m working on checking out some digital fingerprinting options out there.

Lastly, I’m testing the WP Super Cache plugin – way, way cool. You shouldn’t notice any problems AT ALL with latency with the page – even if I’m getting DugSlashRedDelicous’d to hell and back, which hasn’t happened in quite some time, but I’ve got a few articles in the pipe that’ll rock your socks off… I’m working on one of the most comprehensive (think 500+ items) lists for a specific niche for uses of Linux and you’ll be close.


P.S. Still no sign of the UT3 Linux Client or Server… *sigh* I’m about this close to installing Windows for the first time in about 4 months… aaaaaaarrrggg!!!! I still haven’t played the game!

P.P.S. Advertising on the page is going to be as unobtrusive as possible… I got really tired of the huge adsense block at the beginning of each article. Contextual double underlined ads will still be running for now. Also I’m looking at using the no ads for friends plugin that’ll disable ads for anyone who is logged in or has made a comment… that’s a pretty darn cool idea – contribute your thoughts and no ads… I like it.


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Right now all I’ve been doing is checking for hotlinking of images, and looking through the “unusual uses” of the RSS feed in Feedburner. Strangely enough, some people even link back to my site or ping/trackback the blog when they republish my material.

There are quite a few digital fingerprinting services out there that will put a unique bit of text at the end of each RSS item that will allow me to search for that fingerprint, and then track down where the content is being republished by RSS scraping bots.

Full RSS feeds will be back in short order.

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