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Microsoft Products Can Be Hazardous To Your (Mental) Health

Read more to see dozens of videos… some users complained of high loading times and crashing browsers. 🙁

This guy decides he’s have enough of User Account Control in Vista, and takes it into his own hands.

This is what happens when you play Quake 3 with out dated video drivers. Do NOT attempt! This man is a trained professional.

This guy had a bad case of the “Mondays.” I can’t *quite* make it out, but I think the printer flashes “PC Load Letter” a couple times because of a bad print driver.

Pretty sure this guy adjusted the screen resolution too high and thought it was broken. Opps!

Three Words: Outlook Crashed Again

A really nasty case of spyware corrupted an Excel spreadsheet.

Internet Explorer Crashed.

I *think* he lost a document in Word, but I can’t tell, the viewing angle isnt’ terrific.

I’ve had enough!

Sometimes others who use Microsoft products on a daily basis will take out their frustrations on others. This target of redirected frustration fights back… with a vengeance.

This guy just lost all his contacts in Outlook. That’s a shame, his business contacts were in there too! Where is Elian!!!??

Windows crashed….again.

One too many BSODs.

I…a.can’t quit.qui.qui.quite put my fi.fifififiFINGER on this one.

At the end, I almost thought he was going to drop a deuce and/or urinate on it… that would have been inappropriate.

Jesus saves… this guy didn’t – Obviously the poor guy got an Excel macro virus. Not pretty!

A wave of BSODs are sweeping your IT department… I rest easy at night knowing that most states make you wait 24 hours before obtaining a gun after you purchase it. 🙂

I bet this guys’ first thought was… “I hope I don’t loose my job.”

When it happens to Bill Gates it makes headlines… I personally still have my copy from April of 1997 Business Section of the newspaper with Bill plastered all over it, looking like a deer in headlights. 🙂

Young kids getting a taste of what is going to haunt them later in life.t

Oh.. Macs have problems too.

If you haven’t seen this one, you are missing out, my friend. Perhaps you may consider entering the contest to win MY copy of Unreal Tournament. I just hope none of you get THIS angry over a video game.

Oh yeah.. I couldn’t forget this one, it’s quite possibly the first time a printer pummeling has ever been on the silver screen.

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Yeah, it’s a big list. 🙂

dootzky: The problem with the embedded videos *should* be fixed.

I know that there’s an issue with IE rendering code directly from YouTube – modifying a DOM that isn’t a direct child of body before the page is done loading, which I fixed that part by only using the embed tags instead of everything YouTube gives us.

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