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Microsoft to Yahoo – “We Will Add Your Biological And Technological Distinctiveness To Our Own.”

I’ve gotta give Steve Ballmer and crew a pat on the back. The Microsoft acquisition offer for Yahoo is the most fantastic idea they have come up with since the release of Vista. Unfortunately, Microhoo is not going to topple the top player Google anytime soon in the online advertising world.

You can’t take Microsoft, add Yahoo juice and get something magically better. Microsoft and Yahoo have relatively poor search results when compared to Google. Combined, they also do not have anywhere near the online advertising inventory that Google has available. Google dominates the online office suite (at the moment) with Google Docs, which is what I think got Microsoft on their case.

According to the WSJ, Yahoo is going to reject the offer on Monday. I speculate that Microsoft would raise their offer to $40 a share, they’ll do anything to be second best.

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I don’t care about the search aspect of this, like 95% of the world is. Yahoo is very open-source friendly though – they fund a lot of projects too.

So, I’d be really glad if they can escape the buy.

If M$ was to acquire Yahoo I could see them rewriting the base code to (from php) thereby bringing the whole search engine to a crawl just to prove that they could write a mainstream search engine in asp that contends with Google.

We all know that M$ has no reservations about ‘borrowing’ features and innovations from their open source counterparts but isn’t it against their rules to actually use them legitimately?

I doubt they have realized that the top competitors in the software world that extends beyond proprietary lock in thrive on open source development (such as google).

If M$ wins the bid, get ready to see yahoo become the next half-ass ad revenue generating garbage that their current search engine is.

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