Sometimes A Picture Says A Thousand Words

ut3.jpgI feel betrayed and deceived. I’m livid with Epic Games right now. For the first time in months I’ve installed Windows, just to play a video game. There is STILL NO LINUX client!The upshot of this is that I’ll be able to compare Vista performance with Linux when it comes out… if ever.

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Wow, this truly is a sad day.

I find it ironic that the company that always makes the point that their engine is one-stop-shopping for any platform– is now unable to release a linux client in a timely manner.

Id would never allow this sort of thing to happen!

GG Epic, G effing G.

@fsckin: Why not install XP instead of Fista? I thought you hated being DRMed?
@so-called “Talented Slack”: Try picturing [Aspyr|Epic|whatever] not supporting WINDOWS. Hurts, dunnit? Except you can’t run their games AT ALL. We, however, have a workaround called Wine. Eat that.

For shame Epic. For shame.

All in all, at least they are (maybe still?) working on a Linux client.


Are you sad that your existence has fallen to harassing people on the internet?

Well, my friend, there is a brand-spanking new invention called a life. You can do anything you want with it! Sadly its non-refundable if you waste it.

OK, I’m not THAT much into Shooters and stuff so maybe I’m a little too relaxed bout this… I can manage to give Epic a fu on a, well general level, for promising a Linux version and failing to deliver, but personaly… who cares?

Enemy Territory Quake Wars runs fine and is great fun and you can even get Team Fortress 2 to run, so there’s already enough entertainment out there for me, so that I don’t have to bother with being lied to and delayed.

Maybe if Epic manged to port GoW to Linux, I would consider them again (as godlike even) 😉 But given what a terrible job they have done with the windows port… well whatever.

Bad troll is baaaaaaaad

Srsly though, that is pretty sucky fail with the linux client. I am always on the look-out for new ‘nix friendly games (EVE was the latest, but it is way too fiddly for a pass-time!), so I find it is generally bitter-sweet when I break out the Neverwinter Night discs every few months to get a hit of native gaming the way it should be 😉

Dear Talented Slack,

I find it rather ponderous that you wrote “Thats all your lame ass blog is about. Bitch here. Bitch there.”. Why would you take time of from your busy hacking schedule to read a blog you don’t like? Doesn’t seem to make much sense – does it? Where’s your blog? Wayne’s blog has provided me heaps of useful content – what the hell of you done? Other than show yourself up to be a complete fing retard?


Well, just come across your blog (from the digg link about TF2) and I really enjoy it. It must make your skin crawl to have to use Windows ;p

And, to Mr “TalentedHack”, I’ve found this blog very interesting and not all bitching like you think it is.

Anyway, keep up the good work Wayne 🙂


Was it a REAL install? That’s Icky. I would do an install through Virtual Box. 🙂 That way, when a linux client is released, you can just delete the virtual disk. 🙂 Windows doesn’t deserve to be installed for real. and and… Why vista? It’s icky.

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