Sun: Install Solaris 10 and We’ll Serve You. … Dinner?

In one of the most bizarre promotions I’ve ever run into, Sun Microsystems is offering $50 in dinner gift certificates for installing and registering Solaris 10. I know this isn’t a joke, but I really want it to be.

Sun Solaris 10 Promotion

The picture of the woman giving food to the boy is pretty hilarious stock photography by itself… it’s definitely good for a “write a caption for this picture” contest.

Boy: An entire leg of lamb! *Supastar*

5 replies on “Sun: Install Solaris 10 and We’ll Serve You. … Dinner?”

mmmyeah, almost looks like a bottle of alcohol too…

Mom: “Time for your meds timmy…”
Timmy: “Alcohol! Whoo!”

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