I’m running Ubuntu and after 2 reboots

Fully updated even!  One reboot after installation, then another after installing a new kernel.  nVidia 7800GT detected and installed perfectly.  Fired up Firefox, went over to YouTube, and BAM missing plugin.

“Oh dear,”  I thought.

Clicked the button, next, my rights are voided, finish.

It works!  Flash Player in all of it’s glory.  Sweet.


I’m About To Remove Windows And Switch to Linux Permanently!

I’ve exported my bookmarks and uploaded them via FTP.

Just trying to decide if I should go with Ubuntu or Gentoo.  I’ve tried so many flavors of OS in the past 15 years that I think the easy route is going to be best.



Frist post!

I’ve been working on using Linux for day-to-day use as a home PC. I will publish my experiences (both good and bad) and solutions to common problems that I run into.

Common topics will likely include:

Playing Games!
Compatibility with other PCs on the network and various peripherals.
Monitoring temperatures of CPU, GPU and Hard Drive.
Mounting NTFS file systems.
Sharing Printer over the network.
New (to me) programs that I find.
That’s it. I might make a few podcasts, but I somehow doubt it.