Ubuntu Documentation Solicitation at Ubuntology

James House over at Ubuntology just received a form letter from the Ubuntu Documentation Team, requesting some help in creating Ubuntu documentation guides. I think this is a great idea, but who exactly is the Documentation Team?

“The Documentation Team is a group of community volunteers who manage the documentation that ships with the Ubuntu operating system, as well as the community-developed documentation on the documentation website at”

I think James is on the right track in helping out with his material. Unfortunately, I think most of my guides are aimed at installing 3rd party applications, installing from source, or some other method which are highly frowned upon by support channels.

For example, if you followed my MoBlock article and suddenly couldn’t connect to because you didn’t follow it completely, if you started posting on the forums or owned a Dell PC with Ubuntu pre-installed, unless someone really wanted to go out of their way and help out, you’re just SOL because you edited sources.list and installed 3rd party packages that can’t be supported.

“Ubuntu Forums does not provide support for Automatix, EasyUbuntu, or any other unofficial method of installing software. We recommend, to receive assistance, that you find the direct channel to the project developer(s) before you decide to use one of these scripts.” – Matthew Helmke, Admin, Ubuntu Forums.

I’ll go through my articles and see if anything would fit into a Wiki, but I doubt it… I don’t tend to write articles that feel like they were written a dozen at a time in a cookie cutter format. Thanks for the heads up James, if any of you want to help out, hit the links above. Also a quick shout to Happy Linux Thoughts, another blog similar to mine that I really enjoy reading.

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