Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Server Available… Finally!

About 30 days late, but judging from the response on the UT3 mailing list, everyone is really excited to finally have a Linux server for UT3.

From the mailing list:

Thanks for your patience, everyone.

The Linux server is now available for download. It is built from the 1.1
patch, and is network compatible with all retail UT3 clients.

We feel pretty good about this build, but it should be considered beta
for now, as it hasn’t had the full wrath of the Internet applied to it
yet. 🙂

Here is the news release:

I’ll even pitch in. Here’s my mirror:

File size:
1744621651 bytes (1.6 gigabytes!)

70149f802efc087455a87f92c1485982 UT3-linux-server-12172007.bin

So, who feels like comparing this to the original beta demo server for Linux and figure out who caused the delay – other than Epic.

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