What Do Torvalds, Gates and Jobs Have In Common?

In a shocking discovery, I’ve found that all three (Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs) shop at Banana Republic. Steve Jobs stands out (although not much) by ditching the under-sweater collar, and going with a mock turtle.


C’mon guys – ditch the sweater-look-a-like bullshit already!

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Linus: Open collar, lives in Portland, wears the sweater for warmth.

Bill: Sweater is hiding tie and button-down shirt, those worn because the board of directors says it’s good for the stock price, sweater worn because ties scare developers and Bill knows he needs all the geek-points he can get right now.

Steve: No collar, no shirt underneath, sweater is actually zero-heat-signature camouflage he uses breaking into Microsoft’s vaults to plant virus-prone code for inclusion into Windows. The Zune was one of his most successful false-flag ops.

Linus has kind of an Arnold Schwarzenegger physiognomy, don’t you think? He is the terminator to the purveyors of closed platform, over-priced and underperforming proprietary operating systems.

Look at Linus. Normal. Affable. Benign.

Look at the other two. One looks like he fell off the back of a turnip truck, the other looks like he’s driving the turnip truck and it’s stolen.

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