Back to the future… again!

Ok so first things first.  Gentoo is  really just hot garbage wrapped in… more garbage.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The LiveCD is mostly worthless.
    • Installing must be done in a certain manner or you waste hours of time compiling.
    • If you install via the reccomended manner, you end up with an out of date system.
    • “emerge -U world” breaks your system.  How the hell am I supposed to be able to use this heap o’ garbage if I can’t update the system (see #4)
  2. The minimal install CD is usable only by someone with a 98 page manual in their hands.
    • I’m NOT kidding!  98 pages.  I wont bore you with a link.
  3.  Gentoo does not support one of two things which are not working by default:
    • ATI Video Card
    • Nvidia Video Card
  4. After some hours of research, the “proper” way to update the system is run these commands:
    • emerge sync
    • emerge -uDpv world
    • emerge -uDv world
    • emerge -pv depclean
    • emerge -v depclean
    • revdep-rebuild -av
    • revdep-rebuild -v
    • dispatch-conf
  5. EIGHT COMMANDS!  I’m done with Gentoo for quite some time.

I’m back to running Ubuntu right now.  It’s a temporary solution because I was unable to burn a CD from a LiveCD.

 Someone suggested on Digg that I give Slackware a try.  I think I should do him one better and try Solaris x86.  But I know for a  fact that I can’t get past the bootloader because my cdrom drive is Serial ATA and will not work – period.

 I think the next Linux distribution in my path is going to be … PCLinuxOS.  A LiveCD with heavily touted hard drive installation based on Mandrake.