How To Mount Your iPhone Filesystem On Your Desktop In Ubuntu

Ever want to browse your iPhones’ filesystem on your Ubuntu machine? Follow these instructions and you’ll have it working in no time flat.

This article assumes your iPhone is “out of jail” and has installed. If you have not already gotten this part taken care of, click here for steps you need to follow first.

  1. Install SSH on your phone by the following proceedure:
  2. Tap the Installer on your home screen.
  3. Install the following utilities:
    • Community Sources
    • BSD Subsystem
    • OpenSSH
  4. Once your iPhone has these installed, find your IP address by going into Settings, Wi-Fi and then click the blue arrow next to the network your iPhone and your Ubuntu machine are on.
  5. Turn off Auto-Lock on your iPhone, which will interrupt the OpenSSH server by going into Settings, General and Auto-Lock. Set Auto-Lock to never.
  6. Now, on your Ubuntu machine, simply click on Places, Connect to Server and follow these screenshots:
  7. Connect to iPhone via SSH
  8. Connect to iPhone via SSH
  9. Connect to iPhone via SSH
  10. Type the default password for root – “dottie”
  11. Connect to iPhone via SSH

Bam! You’re in! Now upload ringtones, compile hello world, slice dice and serve http via apache – whatever floats your dingy.

If you aren’t running Ubuntu, it’s time to upgrade. Just kidding. On any other Linux system this is probably going to be as easy (I hope) or gentoo-style (aka difficult and useless frustration). Two utilities you might need are FUSE and SSHFS if you’re going the frustrating route.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be writing about how to get the iPhone talking with Amarok and how to get ringtones uploaded very soon.

  • Kuro

    Thanks for the info, a relly good source, bur i’m having problems in the las step, the password for root its not dottie, i dont relly know if the root you are refering is root ( the user system ) or its some other root ( may be the iPhone root ), any way i been trying to enter by using the root password in ubuntu but its not working =S

  • name

    type alpine in the password field.

  • Kuro

    Yeah! it work thanks a lot, now i only have to figure out how to put some music on it ( not ring tones i already find that ), but thanks a lot, take care

  • alex

    the password “dottie” is for firmware 1.0.4. “alpine” is the password from 1.1+

    Great walkthrough! Awesome work.

  • Joe

    Thanks! This was very helpful!

  • Tom

    Hey, your guide works very well but i’m having problems finding the folder to put music in. Many thanks.

  • chicaGeek

    Do I have to use the svn version that you mention?