Gutsy Gibbon Enabled 3D Compiz Fusion Effects – But Where Are They?

Most of the 3D visual effects are controlled by keyboard shortcuts by default in Gutsy Gibbon. Obscure keyboard commands like Super(Windows Key)+E to emulate Expose, or Super+Right Click to Zoom around… but where’s a list of all the shortcuts? Who knows, it’s probably hidden in the Gnome configuration somewhere.

What I do know is that we can install the Compiz Fusion configuration tool and setup our desktop the way we want to. It’s easy as baking no-bake cookies. 🙂

Open up the Add/Remove software (Synaptic package manager) in Applications:


Change the drop down menu on the top to Show: “All available applications” and type in “compiz” into the search box, put a checkbox next to “Advanced Desktop Effects Settings”, then press Apply Changes.


Open the application under System | Preferences, then you can setup all the eye candy you’d like to your hearts content. I suggest turning on Desktop Cube, Rotate Cube, and heading to the Effects section and turning on whatever you like.


Finally, a shipping version of Compiz Fusion with Ubuntu…. perhaps they were too busy making things work just right and forgot about including the configuration tool.