Win My Copy Of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector Edition is giving away a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector’s Edition. Just make a comment on this post with a valid email address and I’ll randomly select the winner. I’ll have it to your door by Christmas.

Want to know why I’m giving it away? Keep reading….

It’s been about 2 months since anything new on the Linux front has been released for Unreal Tournament 3. In fact, the only files release to Linux enthusiasts has been a buggy Linux demo server beta – which is completely useless now, since the retail game has shipped.

Ever since I heard there would be a Linux Client shipping on the retail Windows disc I was extremely excited.

“Woohoo! A real, live Linux-supported game, with the client on the disc! I’ll be in heaven!”

Then I read that the game wouldn’t have a Linux client on the disc, but it would be available when the game hit retail, which is still just fine and dandy… I can deal with that – it’s pretty much par for the course.

Unwittingly, I ran out to my local game retailer the day the game hit retail, and purchased a Collector’s Edition of UT3 for about $60 bones. Like other people, I figured it would be in my best interest to buy the more expensive collector’s edition and voluntarily provide additional financial support the continued development of Linux friendly video games.

I actually installed Windows Vista POS Edition for a week, just to play the game.

My initial impressions from playing this game that it was designed for consoles and then (badly?) ported to the PC. Hell, even the videos on the collector’s edition bonus disc, ALL of the videos of the offices of Epic Games show the play testers using Xbox 360s… there isn’t a single person shown playing the game on a PC. Additionally, some other things indicated this was the case, like the initial game menu system responds INSTANTLY to keyboard input, but there is a significant delay when using a mouse pointer to navigate the menus.

I’m not much of a gamepad person, but just for the sake of trying to test out the controls to see what would happen… I hooked up a gamepad and started playing the game without a keyboard and mouse. I ended up scoring better with the gamepad – no kidding. The gamepad just had a better feel to it, and didn’t feel like the inputs were lagging behind the action. On top of that major transgression, with no Linux server available to date, I am of the opinion that the game is doomed to fail miserably.

This is not bad news for Epic, by the way.

I’ve known for awhile that Epic is not first and foremost a video game company, and if you think I’m out of my mind, listen to me for just a moment. I can hear the cries from the enthusiasts already screaming blasphemy, but hear me out. Epic makes video game engines and sell them. The video games that result from coding the engine is just a byproduct that’s been polished up a tiny little bit.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to watch the E3 videos of UT3. They aren’t trying to sell their video game – they’re pitching all the features of the engine. The profit margins of selling an engine are far, far higher and much more lucrative than selling video games.

I’ve got more than a few friends in the video game business, and several have worked with Unreal Engine 3 projects. They have made the claim that even the engine source code contains inefficient and absolutely rediculously bad programming that seems like someone with a bad grasp of simple logic coded the entire thing.

Ever seen something like this?

bool isRunning()
if isNotRunning = true
isRunning = false
return true;

At least it's in Hungarian notation. This is the kind of barely intelligible code that's in the UT3 engine, according to my sources... they hate Unreal Engine 3.

This got me to thinking, what is the best way that I can show my extreme disappointment with Epic?

I’ll just give away my copy. I’m not going to be playing it anytime soon, as far as I can tell.boxy2.png

And even IF Epic pulls their head out of their collective asses 5 minutes from now and actually releases a Linux client – I’m not planning on installing it. It’s a console game. I’m not much of a console kind of guy.

Just make a comment on this post with a valid email address, and I will choose at random one lucky person to win my own personal copy of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector’s Edition and have it to your door by Christmas… which is faster than the Linux client will likely be released.

I am serious as a heart attack.

Contest is OVER! It ended at December 16th at midnight, mountain standard time.

The winner was Tyler, picked at out of 107 entries after removing duplicate comments. Congratulations Tyler, you’re number 86!


You’ve got an email waiting for you Tyler, reply to it asap so I can get it out in the mail tomorrow.

  • Tyler

    WOO! Free UT3! I’ve been following on the icculus list my friend and understand what you are saying. Best of luck in the future.


    You won! Read your email!

  • Hi, I’d like the UT3 _and_ for the method mentioned above: It won’t compile as the first if-branch does not return a result.

  • Please don’t tempt me to install windows again to get this freebie :)

  • Pitta

    Pick me!

  • Jigen

    When the world will stop thinking that money is the fuel to improve software, the sun will smash into Earth.
    But we can stop these evil thougths supporting open source softwares. You did right giving away this game, it was made with money in mind, not with users or fun.
    We just have to keep on with our hope in a better future.
    A gentoo user that is still waiting the 64bit version of flash player and has a brother dead-brained with Unreal.

  • Juan
  • I wanna win, just to see how much it sucks compared to et:qw 😀

  • Aaron

    Ill take it :) It was sold out where I lived

  • Sounds like a decently fun game, wouldn’t mind giving it a try, especially if I win!

  • J-Dilla Tha Killa

    might as well give it a try. sounds like a shitty ass story though, must have been a major disappointment.

  • Suh-weet! I’ll take it off your hands.


    Yo, whats this with hungarian mate?
    btw, i dont say ‘choose me’, cause u wouldnt, so: dont even think about choosing me.

  • it I’d the way it is capitalized.

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  • I hate it. They can’t release a online game without any usable Server.
    What the hell are they thinking.

  • You should have gone out and purchased ET:QW the day it came out like I did, it didn’t take very long for the client patch to come out either.. AND the game actually is very VERY good 😀

    Never actually played any of the unreal tourney games…
    But hey, I’ll “Try it” I think it runs under wine right?

  • abadtooth – I’ve got ET:QW – It is a pretty good imitation of BF2. :)

    UT3 fails to run under WINE last I checked, it’s gotten garbage ratings on the AppDB as I recall.

  • Nate

    Yes the contest isn’t over yet! I hope the linux client comes out soon, because I don’t want to play it on vista…

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  • ugh

    i’d let my dog shit on it and send it back to epic with a xmas card thanking them for not doing what they promised and making you loose your money..

  • Ignus

    @ugh: At least then they get a present.
    I wouldn’t let my dog sit on it, rather in it then it’s a complete present. The problem is I don’t have a dog so I won’t be able to grand Epic that present. But I have a few cats so that might do.

    I thought epic said that it wasn’t going to ship with an Linux installer and that the Linux installer would be made available for download some time after the release of the retail.

    Linux is a nice OS but had to much problems with it with the software and games I use so I will stick with Windows XP, Vista looks nice but thats all and the looks I can change in XP as well.

  • alex

    i’am in :)

  • nebidaan


  • DSS

    This isn’t one of those competitions where you can increase your chances of winning by posting multiple comments is it?
    If so, w00t I’m in for 2, otherwise disregard this comment 😉

  • Framp

    Well, i’ll accept your copy only if there’s a linux client out.

    Damned epic, what the heck are doing??

  • Yeah I have BF2 as well, some of the game play is similar, but I still prefer ET:QW..

    None the less, id still came through with there end of the bargain… actually making the Linux client…

    I think you should have instead of giving it away done something like what was in your last post, only instead of posting videos of people destroying there computers, you could have destroyed your copy of UT3 and I’m sure you could have come up with some ingenious way to do it 😛
    Maybe you could run a poll?
    Personally since it won’t run under wine I would like to see you destroy it, think of all of the traffic you’d get 😛 ahahaha

  • Jippen

    Fun to see such a fun setup here. I’ll hope for a copy.

    Recient google searching popped up that the linux client is stuck in the legal department. Fun stuff.

  • 3.5 hours left – and only one entry per person

  • Mike

    I hope they release a linux client…

  • Kyahx

    Too late? :(

  • Kyahx

    Edit: woot, yay time zone differences 😛 (Sorry for the double comment, heh)

  • ill tally up everything shortly and determine a winner

  • Tyler won and has been notified. Congrats!

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  • Just FYI, that code snippet you posted is not in “Hungarian notation.” They’re using interCaps/camelCase (which is a newer C++/Java convention for variable and method naming). Hungarian notation embeds the type of the variable inside the variable name, so for example, a pointer in C/C++ would have a name starting with “po” followed by a couple more characters to indicate what that variable is a pointer to. Booleans would start with a “b,” etc.

    Modern type-safe programming languages, like C++ , C# and Java, don’t need you to embed the type in the name of a variable — the compiler will check to make sure you’re using the correct types, and coerce types if necessary. (If you’ve ever needed to refactor code by changing the type of a variable, but didn’t want to rename the variable across multiple code modules, you perhaps can understand why Hungarian notation is a bad idea for modern programming. Imagine if the name of the variable indicates it’s one type, but the declared type is actually something else.)

    That code is still atrocious to look at… two different boolean variables to track the same state information? What happens if they get out of sync? Pray that someone doesn’t get the bright idea to save some time and test one of the two Boolean variables directly instead of calling isRunning()!

    Because of the economics of video game development, you’ll never see exceptionally good quality code come out of a game studio, with the possible exception of id. (I’ve actually had e-mail conversations with Carmack, and he’s all right. He definitely understands the math and the computer science involved.) Most of these guys are cranking on a schedule and don’t have the time to write elegant or even optimal code. They’ll also happily mix in Win32 system calls with mainline code rather than isolating OS-specific code in specific modules — not necessarily for performance, but out of sheer laziness.

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