Win My Copy Of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector Edition is giving away a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector’s Edition. Just make a comment on this post with a valid email address and I’ll randomly select the winner. I’ll have it to your door by Christmas.

Want to know why I’m giving it away? Keep reading….

It’s been about 2 months since anything new on the Linux front has been released for Unreal Tournament 3. In fact, the only files release to Linux enthusiasts has been a buggy Linux demo server beta – which is completely useless now, since the retail game has shipped.

Ever since I heard there would be a Linux Client shipping on the retail Windows disc I was extremely excited.

“Woohoo! A real, live Linux-supported game, with the client on the disc! I’ll be in heaven!”

Then I read that the game wouldn’t have a Linux client on the disc, but it would be available when the game hit retail, which is still just fine and dandy… I can deal with that – it’s pretty much par for the course.

Unwittingly, I ran out to my local game retailer the day the game hit retail, and purchased a Collector’s Edition of UT3 for about $60 bones. Like other people, I figured it would be in my best interest to buy the more expensive collector’s edition and voluntarily provide additional financial support the continued development of Linux friendly video games.

I actually installed Windows Vista POS Edition for a week, just to play the game.

My initial impressions from playing this game that it was designed for consoles and then (badly?) ported to the PC. Hell, even the videos on the collector’s edition bonus disc, ALL of the videos of the offices of Epic Games show the play testers using Xbox 360s… there isn’t a single person shown playing the game on a PC. Additionally, some other things indicated this was the case, like the initial game menu system responds INSTANTLY to keyboard input, but there is a significant delay when using a mouse pointer to navigate the menus.

I’m not much of a gamepad person, but just for the sake of trying to test out the controls to see what would happen… I hooked up a gamepad and started playing the game without a keyboard and mouse. I ended up scoring better with the gamepad – no kidding. The gamepad just had a better feel to it, and didn’t feel like the inputs were lagging behind the action. On top of that major transgression, with no Linux server available to date, I am of the opinion that the game is doomed to fail miserably.

This is not bad news for Epic, by the way.

I’ve known for awhile that Epic is not first and foremost a video game company, and if you think I’m out of my mind, listen to me for just a moment. I can hear the cries from the enthusiasts already screaming blasphemy, but hear me out. Epic makes video game engines and sell them. The video games that result from coding the engine is just a byproduct that’s been polished up a tiny little bit.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to watch the E3 videos of UT3. They aren’t trying to sell their video game – they’re pitching all the features of the engine. The profit margins of selling an engine are far, far higher and much more lucrative than selling video games.

I’ve got more than a few friends in the video game business, and several have worked with Unreal Engine 3 projects. They have made the claim that even the engine source code contains inefficient and absolutely rediculously bad programming that seems like someone with a bad grasp of simple logic coded the entire thing.

Ever seen something like this?

bool isRunning()
if isNotRunning = true
isRunning = false
return true;

At least it's in Hungarian notation. This is the kind of barely intelligible code that's in the UT3 engine, according to my sources... they hate Unreal Engine 3.

This got me to thinking, what is the best way that I can show my extreme disappointment with Epic?

I’ll just give away my copy. I’m not going to be playing it anytime soon, as far as I can tell.boxy2.png

And even IF Epic pulls their head out of their collective asses 5 minutes from now and actually releases a Linux client – I’m not planning on installing it. It’s a console game. I’m not much of a console kind of guy.

Just make a comment on this post with a valid email address, and I will choose at random one lucky person to win my own personal copy of Unreal Tournament 3 Collector’s Edition and have it to your door by Christmas… which is faster than the Linux client will likely be released.

I am serious as a heart attack.

Contest is OVER! It ended at December 16th at midnight, mountain standard time.

The winner was Tyler, picked at out of 107 entries after removing duplicate comments. Congratulations Tyler, you’re number 86!


You’ve got an email waiting for you Tyler, reply to it asap so I can get it out in the mail tomorrow.

  • Susan

    Me, me, me, pick me! 😀

  • Derek Buranen

    First off, I’m not a gamer beyond nexuiz so don’t pick me.

    I just had to comment. You trash it and give it away? LOL

  • belink

    I agree.

    (I hope Trebek’s OK..)

  • Kyle

    I see your upset about the linux stuff as well. My clan is waiting for the linux servers to be released. Until then were just hangin out and playing other games until then.

    This copy of UT3 would be great to have as a present for someone in our clan if your willing to choose me, however if your not that is not a problem. Hope you come back to UT3 once the linux stuff is released :)

  • Fago

    If you want to give it away that badly. I’m here, just pick me :)

  • Wayne

    Someone will want to take it off my hands, no matter how much I trash UT3 and Epic in general.

    I *could* have gone and doused it with gasoline and lit it on fire… then posted it on YouTube… I’d rather have some fanboy enjoying it instead of wasting $60 just to prove a point.

  • Scott

    Hey Wayne, the Linux dev making the Linux port (icculus) talked about this in a recent interview. He said it is nothing political RE: the delay with the Linux version. It was only a time-line problem with their distribution and manufacturing. That they had to get out a GM disc.

  • Wayne

    Scott: It was a problem to get it on the retail disc, but something else is keeping the client from being released after the fact.


  • writhed

    Pick me, I’ll find a good use for it.

  • Matt

    Heh, I could do with a copy, all the stores here are sold out, and games in NZ are hideously priced ($120 for a copy of UT3). Nice to see someone who’ll do something constructive with their stuff instead of putting it to waste.

  • devnulll

    I would sell it and donate the money to some Free software developer. We have a couple of members in our clan that can’t afford it, I would be glad to give it to them.

    There is no excuse for not releasing Linux server and game. They can hire more developers if the they want, so don’t give me those “time-line” problem and other BS.
    If you ask me it is political. Micro-F-soft doesn’t like partners who are not committed to M$ technology. Given the success of GoW (M$) and upcoming XBox release, I do not think there will be Linux versions of UT3 anytime soon.

    Good enough reason for me to play other FPS games.

  • Dean

    Me and my little bro would really love to have a copy of UT3 by christmas

  • ModeZt

    I bought a copy of UT3.. Not collector’s edition. A simple one. It’s only 10$ in Russia. ( NOT a pirate version! it’s original! with a valid serial number! )
    I’m waiting for a Linux version cos i use linux for work and study and rebooting my PC pisses me off.
    Pick me!

  • Alex

    just posting for a chance to win

  • Paxswill

    I wonder how this will run on Parallels…

  • Clem

    So… Let’s see if I win this dice roll…

  • Mark Thrasher

    hey man, sad sad thing to hear been reading for awhile, i don’t even play games on my PC anymore but my roommate does, so i figured I’d send you a shout and see if i can get my roommate a Christmas present.

  • Ethyn

    In it to win it! =D

    p.s. Epic sucks

    p.s.s. super serial sucks

  • QuesoG

    Goodness knows a poor college guy like me could use it.

    Too bad it won’t run on Linux, though. Games are pretty much the only reason I keep Windows around.

  • Dark Byte

    Pick me, i’m basicly waiting for patch 12, but it’ll save me some time going to the shop in 2010

  • upbeat.linux

    not to reiterate, but after reading your post i had to jump back to my del.icio.deus bookmarks to find the following linkage detailing the linux client:

    middleware issue sounds like its possibly all Microsoft’s API and their unwillingness to release some of the hooks that UT3 uses, but still, hire some decent developers and port it. for the mean time, we’ll just have to stick with our open source games and support companies who support linux like id…….

    gamepad, meh? i’m still wiling to give it a shot in wine……..may i eat my own words then burn it on youtube!!!!

  • Zach

    I’m game for a new game. It’s still disappointing that they (Epic) didn’t follow through on their promise…

  • Wayne

    Interesting… my thread at Epic’s forums got crapped all over by a moderator and closed. Awesome.

    I even got a violation for “General Poor Behavior” – that’s fantastic!

  • delight

    I love nightshade lol. It is so fun XD

  • Kirb

    Alright well im getting a Ps3 for christmas as my only present this year, im looking forward to buying a few new games. If i got the URT3 it would blow my mind away and i would probably play it nonstop

  • ModeZt

    >>Interesting… my thread at Epic’s forums got crapped all over by a moderator and closed.

    Sorry for making a mess in your thread ((( My faul..

    Auch! That increases our chances! ))

  • Rob S.

    I wish there was support for Linux as well…

  • Live4Life

    I would love th C.E. None of the stores near me seem to have any left.

  • Rhykker

    I’m in on this.

  • Shane

    I’ll take it. you might find it interesting what I do with it also. 😉

  • defcon

    send it over, it will ship right to my microwave!

  • upbeat.linux

    sux they are shitting on your post…lame

    btw, what’s up with the random smiley face in the upper right hand border corner of the page…..nice touch…

  • Wayne

    oh, the random smiley face? it’s some weird ass bug in wordpress that isn’t supposed to appear on pages, but it does – sometimes. It’s for stat tracking.


  • DSS

    Sucks that the Linux client still not released – my plan was to wait until it was before I bought it.
    I still keep a dualboot for LANs and games that still don’t run well under wine, and I admit that this is a game that I’ve been looking forward to for some time now.

  • Adam

    Ahh what the hell… I’ll throw my name in.

  • Sir_Alaran

    That code gives me a headache. (And I tutor Computer Science I so that’s saying something)

    bool isRunning()
    return !isNotRunning;

    I’m still hoping that a Linux client will be released. Maybe by the time I get enough money for a hardware upgrade it will be out. If not, I’ll give it to my little brother for Christmas.

    Here’s another rumor for those that enjoy following this stuff:

    Oh, and pick me.

  • Jake

    Only reason I have windows installed, to play games of course :)

    I will play the hell out of this game.

    Good luck to everyone!


  • aowije


  • Venkatesh Nandakumar


  • Colin Dean

    A free game is always nice.

  • Alex

    I’m a console gamer. I was planning on getting this for PS3, but i wouldn’t mind having it for PC instead. Pick me!

  • Tom

    “At least it’s in Hungarian notation.” <_ What did you mean by this? I am from Hungary, so just asking beacuse of this… :)

    BTW, keep up the good work with this blog!


  • airjrdn

    I’ll take it

  • Sid

    Ill take it too :)

    Love the blog sir

  • PredatoryFern

    Wow. Glad to hear you’re going to try and find this game a good home verses letting it sit on your shelf or throw it away. (Don’t enter me in. I don’t have time and someone else will.)

    I wish Linux would get native ports more often…maybe now that Linux seems to be getting a foothold in the lower end market producers will snap to it and start porting Linux.

  • *daniel

    I beg you, pick me. I want to give this game to my family for Christmas to promote togetherness and build teamwork.

    Plus they run Windows exclusively, so there’s that 😉

  • Oompa

    I’ll take it 😀

  • Steve


  • Iván

    Yay, sign me in :)

    And yes, Epic should get their crap togheter and release the linux client in time and manner.

  • DistRogue

    GameSpy bringing down UT3? That’s interesting… No GameSpy for me…
    If these morons can’t get UT3 for Linux out after all the time they’ve had, I’m happy with just playing Tremulous. I don’t want your copy. Give it to someone else.