I’m Now Writing for Ars Technica Open Ended

Big news… really really big breaking news…

Starting today, I’m writing daily news blurbs for the Ars Technica Open Ended news-oriented journal about Linux and open source in general. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite some time, since the Ars name brings along with it some credibility and respect from the community.

I’m not stopping the presses, they’re just rolling somewhere else a little bit faster. I’m not going to stop posting articles here, and trust me – there are some things I’ve written about that Ars wouldn’t ever think of publishing in a million years… a quick search concludes that I’m not always the most politically correct blogger around – I don’t try to be someone I’m not, but just for Ars, I’ll try to clean up my act a little bit. 🙂

That said, there are a limited amount of hours for me to write, and I’ve wanted to be a part of something bigger – and I have achieved that goal. I hope you’ll congratulate me and follow to the new digs.

I kinda think they have a better web designer than myself.. right?

yeah, that's me!

I’m getting a review unit from Good OS of the MyMiniPC later this week that I’ll have my girlfriend test out, and I’ll be writing about that experience on fsckin w/ linux… maybe we can hit the magical 1 million all-time visitors this month… we only have about 75,000 to go.

If you bookmark Opened Ended or subscribe to the OE RSS feed you’ll get everything I write, plus additional news from the other writer on Open Ended and all around cool guy, Ryan Paul.

Update: No longer writing for them. No longer writing at all, seems like.