Mini Zenwalk Review

Alrighty… Zenwalk.

How about a stream of consciousness review for “zen computing”? That seems fitting to me.

By the way, the iceweasel spellchecker underlines EVERYTHING as being spelled incorrectly, so excuse the mistakes.

Nifty auto-partition, OK text mode installer. Packages chosen by default, gnome, iceweasel, icedove, lilo configured properly. Booted into XFCE, and BAM no DHCP. Lots of hunting later, I find it under System / Zenpanel. Enable DHCP for IP, DNS, etc, everything working. Still looking at 1280×1024 desktop. 2 “videoconfigure” later, still not working. Manually edit /etc/xorg.conf and add resolutions, working great, but compositer still not working despite detection and use of nv driver. gnash required to display some items, Xarchiver wasn’t able to successfully unzip a Tried to open a PDF, defaulted to Evince, which threw up an error stating that the file had an invalid MIME type.

Deep breath. Ahhhh. This is definitely “Zen” for Linux users – but not in 2007. Maybe in 1999. 1.5 Opposable Thumbs down.

I’m not gonna say all negative things about this one. I give it a total of 0.5 Thumbs up for fantastic full-out beautiful dolphin-ized themes for XFCE and bootsplash.


Dolphins used as mascots only work in one place, and that’s in Miami. Even then it’s kinda metro-sexual.

I bet there was some manager out there who sent the art team a memo that read something like this:

From: “Manager Promoted For Prodigious Incompetence”;
To: “Artsy Team Mailing List”;
Subject: New Mascot Idea.

Hey guys,

I think we should use a dolphin for our logo. Yeah, that’ll do. And make it YELLOW! ASAP Over and out, 10-4 good buddy.